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Three Air Conditioned Ways to Beat the Heat!

Okay, I for one am over this extreme heat thing.  I can’t even open my car door after work without double checking to make sure my eyebrows weren’t singed off from the fireball of heat that punches me in the face when I open the door.  Even going to the pool on a day off … Continue reading Three Air Conditioned Ways to Beat the Heat!

Show Me Your Tats

With the ever-evolving and growingly tolerant world that we live in, don’t you think it’s time for employers to wake up and smell the ink?

Kiss Me, I'm Irish!…For The Day

I still cannot figure out where pinching comes into play.

St. Louis Gas Prices Second Edition

Those paying, on average, about $4.00 for coffee may need to rethink their priorities or step into the ‘No Whining Zone’ when it comes to gas prices.