Hello St. Louis and Beyond!

We are 12 unique people living under the roof of one great city and we are dedicated to sharing our experiences with you. We want to welcome you to what is sure to become the most popular locally oriented destination on the web. As with any destination there should be a compelling reason to come back again and again. That’s where YOU, as our inspiration, come in. We will deliver conversation that is relevant, robust, and ripe for response. All we desire is that you give us feedback – good, bad or indifferent. This space is for you and despite the fact that we are an apartment management company, we promise never to talk about apartments. It’s not our goal to sell you on anything but the overriding need to join the conversation and ignite some meaningful movements.

Feel free to explore. This is our chance, as a group of passionate people bound together by a common space, to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Quixotic? Over the top? Wishful thinking? We wouldn’t have it any other way. Challenge us to challenge you and let’s ignite something special.

Your destination is our inspiration!

With Excitement,

Your St. Louis Conversation Starters

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