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I recently learned from a fellow Islander (aka Soulard resident) about a cool group in St. Louis known as SLAG or the St. Louis Adventure Group. I began playing recreational sports last year and have since become pretty knowledgeable in the world of rec sports like kickball, volleyball, dodge ball, etc. And while those are fun and great indoor sports for the Winter months, it is now April and Summer is right around the corner, so it’s time to go outdoors and get some sunlight on your skin.

SLAG is a group of a little over 2,400 St. Louisans who come together for the common interest of having fun and enjoying adventures throughout Missouri. One of their most recent adventures took place yesterday on Easter Sunday: the 4th Annual Easter Bunny Float, a 3-hour kayak trip down the Illinois River from Pere Marquette State Park to Grafton, IL.

float trip Other activities include: hiking, biking, climbing, paddling, floating, skiing, paintball and one that sounds like a lot of fun: The Cinco de Float Yo, a float trip on Cinco de Mayo. The group can be found on under StLAdventurers. They host a great variety of events and even better…there’s no fee to be a part of the group. The group’s “leaders” are just a group of fun people who volunteer their extra time organizing fun events, so the only costs are to participate in the event, like if you need to rent a kayak or raft for a float trip, etc. They also encourage you to attend events even if you may not have the appropriate equipment, as many members have extra equipment like mountain bikes for riding that they’re happy to share.

The site is packed full of pictures from all of the different events and it seems like a really great St. Louis group to be part of, and of course the more the merrier, so if you’re like me and you really want to try to paintball but can’t get all of your friends on board, just get one and join SLAG and find out when the next paintball adventure is. Or join to find out about other fun events coming up such as the Warrior Dash 5K Mud Run, Cinco de Mayo Float Trip or the Ozark Trail Mega Event.

5th Annual Polar Plunge
5th Annual Polar Plunge

As a member of the group, you also receive discounts and/or giveaways from sponsors such as 2nd St Bike Stop Cafe, Clif Bar and the Alpine Shop. You can also join the group via Facebook to see if any of your Facebook friends are already members. My favorite part about this group is their sense of humor. I was reading the Who Are We? Page and it brought a huge smile to may face:

Chapter 8: Pets

Some of our events are pet-friendly, some aren’t. If your dog bites people or whines all night, it’s NEVER invited to ANY of our events. If you have any questions about bringing your dog to a particular event, ask the Organizer of that event.

Chapter 9: Children

Some of our events are kid-friendly, some aren’t. If your kid bites people or whines all night, it’s NEVER invited to ANY of our events. If you have any questions about bringing your kid to a particular event, ask the Organizer of that event.

They also have a No Jerk Policy, Unnecessary Drama Policy and an even more funny No Solicitation Policy. So yeah, if you’re looking for a great (free) St. Louis organization to join and participate in unique outdoor activities this Summer, check out SLAG.



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