St. Louis Couple Takes Taco Bell Senior Prom Photos

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St. Louis couple takes senior prom photos at Taco Bell.

Brittany Creech and Brendan Batchelor are at it again. Back in August of 2015, the pair blew up the internet with a photo session at a St. Louis-area Taco Bell for Creech’s senior pictures, taken by Batchelor. Now, the pair has become a trio for some Taco Bell senior prom photos.

Batchelor and Creech again visited the Taco Bell location on Droste Road in St. Charles. This time the pair brought along Will James, a senior at Webster Groves High School. Creech and James were on their way to Creech’s senior prom at Ritenour High School. Batchelor owns and runs Brendan Batchelor Photography.

St. Louis Couple Takes Taco Bell Senior Prom Photos
A St. Louis area couple recently took pictures at a local Taco Bell before their senior prom. Photo by Brendan Batchelor Photography.

Brittany shared some of the pictures on Twitter via her popular @MOGirlProbs account over the weekend. The official Taco Bell Twitter account also recently shared the photos.

Brittany was also kind enough to share some more pictures with RealLifeSTL.

Taco Bell Senior Prom photos

One picture shows the aptly-dressed couple sharing a bite to eat while Taco Bell drink cups that read “Live The VIP Life” are shown in the foreground.

Couple eats at Taco Bell before Senior Prom
Brittany Creech and Will James sit down to eat at Taco Bell before attending their senior prom. Photo by Brendan Batchelor Photography.

Another shows Creech’s corsage for the evening.

The Taco Bell prom corsage
The Taco Bell prom corsage. Photo by Brendan Batchelor Photography.

The pair also posed by the restaurant’s “Thank You” sign. It was a setting that Creech and Batchelor also used for the previous senior photo session.

Taco Bell senior photo vs senior prom photo.
Brittany Creech in a senior photo at Taco Bell (left) and with Will James in a senior promo photo there(right). Photo by Brendan Batchelor Photography.

The previous photo shoot that Creech and Batchelor did at Taco Bell garnered quite a bit of attention. Brittany was invited to Taco Bell headquarters and even appeared in a commercial for the quasi-Mexican restaurant.

Creech’s time and connections with Taco Bell led her to seek different experiences than those that her current trajectory offered. While she still does some modeling, she recently made the decision to attend the University of Missouri-Columbia next year. She’ll put her modeling career on hold and head to Columbia to study business and marketing.

In case you were wondering, Brittany Creech still eats at Taco Bell a few times a month to enjoy her favorite meal, a Cheesy Gordita Crunch and a Pepsi.

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