Spring Cleaning and Then Some

4137 days ago.

Our countdown to Spring is here: T-minus 18 days.  Whether or not it’s going to feel like Spring is another story, but given the storms this past weekend I’d say we’re well on our way.

Spring and I have always had a love/hate relationship.  I love the flowers, warm-but-not-hot sunshine, and the light breeze.

I hate spring cleaning.

This year is going to be worse than usual.  It’s my familys first spring in our new house.  My idea of spring cleaning is clearing out the garage, sprucing up the finished basement, maybe even rearranging the living room.

My husbands idea of spring cleaning is knocking out walls to make more room for more kitchen cabinets, adding on to our deck, and tearing up my (oops, I mean ‘our’) lawn to make a bigger driveway.  Yikes!  As much as I love this man, he is someone I wouldn’t arm with more than a screwdriver. 

Since my plan is always to live my life as stress free as possible, I have found our compromise.

KEA Home Improvements is a local home improvement business.  Owner, Keith Atkison, has several years of experience and my vote of confidence when it comes to a project of this magnitude.  (Part of our agreement being to keep my husband away from any and all power tools.)  Check out KEA’s website to see photos of the work he and his team have done.  And don’t forget to ‘Like’ them on Facebook, Keith is constantly posting HITS (Home Improvement Tips) to keep your home in ‘Spring Clean’ mode all year long!

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