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Black Friday 2017 Is Almost Here, Check Out The Best Deals

Are you ready for Black Friday?  While the emergence of online shopping has certainly disrupted the retail industry, there are still plenty of people that are out bright and early on the Friday after Thanksgiving looking for the best deals on things like televisions, speakers, video games consoles, furniture and much more. 

Monday: Schlitterbahn Death In Kansas City, John Oliver On Journalism, Rio Olympics

A 10-year old boy dies at Schlitterbahn Water Park. John Oliver talks journalism. Michael Phelps & Katie Ledecky win gold in Rio. NFL Hall of Fame cancelled

Videos of the Wednesday: Bill Murray, Taylor Swift

October 22, 2014 Bill Murray Talks Tinder   Taylor Swift’s “Track 3” from 1989 Yeah…. this isn’t a real song. But, it did get downloaded a bunch of times iTunes for some odd reason.   Taylor Swift’s “Welcome To New York” Time called this the “musical equivalent of a peppermint latte”. It’s the third song … Continue reading Videos of the Wednesday: Bill Murray, Taylor Swift