LouFest 2011 – This Weekend!

4649 days ago.

Lollapalooza step aside, there’s a new music festival in town and it’s called LouFest.


Check out our event photos at lovinthelou.com!

 2 days of awesome, live Indie music including THE ROOTS!!!, TV on the Radio, Kings Go Forth, Cat Power, and more!

When: Saturday, August 27th and Sunday, August 28th

Where: Forest Park

What else: How about a slew of sponsors including Energizer, Mountain Dew, and The Laurel Apartments- Lovin the Lou Contest handing out tons of free stuff, delicious eats in what LouFest calls it’s “NoshPit” from everyone’s favorite St. Louis restaurants/food trucks such as: Pi, Pappy’s, Cha Cha Chow and so many more! Plus eco-friendly vendors such as Alpine Shop and Conversation Peace with sweet deals on retail items, as well as THE place to go for St. Louis gear: STL Style will be in the house!

Not enough you say?? Well then let’s talk parties.

The official free Pre-LouFest party (yes I said free) starts it all at Off Broadway on Friday night, August 26th at 7pm and includes music from Jon Hardy & the Public, Old Lights, and Troubadour Dali.

Then the official mid-way through LouFest Saturday night after party is being hosted at the Gramophone. Doors open at 9pm, but The Roots play Saturday night so that party might be delayed a little. This after-party includes music from Questlove and DeerHunter…oh and food from the magnificent Wanderlust Pizza food truck.

If you had plans to do something else, cancel. Missing it would be like that scene in Good Will Hunting where Robin Williams is talking about missing the World Series game to meet a girl…yeah, yeah, he claims he didn’t regret it but that’s a movie people! Get real, you’ll regret it!

Photo courtesy of consequenceofsound.net
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