Age of Adaline, Little Boy, The Water Diviner, Adult Beginners


Adult Beginners, Age of Adaline, The Water Diviner and Little Boy open in movie theaters this weekend

The Age of Adaline, Little Boy and The Water Diviner  are among the movies opening in theaters this weekend.

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Recapping Last Weekend

Furious 7 again topped the weekend box office, coming in north of $29 million for the third straight weekend. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 debuted with $23.76 million. Unfriended debuted with $18.4 million to round out the top three. Home pulled in $10.6 million in its fourth weekend of release The Longest Ride brought in $7 million in its second weekend of release.

Furious 7 will likely pass the $300 million domestic mark today and will likely close in on the $1.2 billion mark worldwide by the end of the weekend.

Unfriended beat expectations with its $16 million and left those financially behind the film quite happy, considering its budget of just $1 million.


The Age of Adaline

Blake Lively stars as Adaline Bowman in the romantic fantasy film. Adaline is cursed with the whole not-aging-after-a-certain-point thing. Lively’s character attempts to keep her distance from any potential relationship but because this is a movie, “love finds her”. Variety points out how enjoyable The Age of Adaline is despite having a somewhat ridiculous premise.

Little Boy

Little Boy is set in the World War II era and has drawn some rather unfavorable reviews because of it. Jakob Salvati plays the character whose nickname is also the film’s title. Salvati has made guest appearances in several different television shows, but this is his first major movie role. Kevin James, Michael Rapaport, David Henrie and Emily Watson also star.

The Water Diviner

Russell Crowe directs and stars in The Water Diviner, a “chintzy historical epic” according to A.V. Club. The film has faced protests from groups saying it’s portrayal of the treatment of Greeks and Armenians in the early 1900s is historically inaccurate. Crowe recently spoke to E! Online about the emotional connection he has to The Water Diviner.

Adult Beginners

Adult Beginners seems a bit like Happy Christmas, just with Nick Kroll playing Anna Kendrick’s role. Rose Byrne, Bobby Cannavale and Joel McHale are also on the bill. A.V. Club points out what a different role this is for Kroll. Kroll and Joel McHale sat down with and talked about Adult Beginners. Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale have  been dating in real life since 2012. They previously worked on set together in the Annie remake, where Byrne was excellent. They are also together in Spy along with Melissa McCarthy, which will hit theaters on June 5th.

Adult Beginners will be available to watch tomorrow on VUDU as well as in theaters.

Catch It Before It’s Gone

American Sniper finally  makes its way to Keller 8 Cinema this weekend. The Clint Eastwood-directed film opened on Christmas Day at the end of last year and currently sits at just under $348 million domestically at the box office.

Make It A Redbox Night

Unbroken and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies are now available to rent at your local Redbox.


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Bike Trails & Tips in St. Louis

bike trail

A few years ago a friend of mine came over to my house, excited to share with me that she had bought a bike.  She showed it off, all shiny and proudly displayed on her new bike rack.  “I’m going to start biking. You should bike with me!”

I thought about that prospect for all of about half a second and my decision was made.  I was going to buy a bike.  That night I pulled out my laptop and began to research the best bike for where I’d be riding.  After a little bit of research, I decided on a moderately priced Schwinn Hybrid.  I hadn’t really ridden a bike since it was my commuter vehicle in college, but had convinced myself that I’d ride this bike all the time. Little did I know that I had just found my true love.

I was especially eager to ride and found myself taking long rides at least a few times each week.  Along the way, I learned some pretty valuable lessons and found some of my favorite places to ride.  Now that spring has finally arrived and I’m itching to get back outside, I figured I’d share a little of what I’ve gathered along the way.

One of my first bike trails, which is great for beginners, is Grant’s Trail.  The trail extends 8 miles from it’s trail head at Orlando’s to the intersection of Leffingwell & Holmes in Kirkwood.  This is a great beginners trail because it is flat and has many short sections.  You can choose your mileage by turning back at any of the mile markers or stops along the way.  Because the trail cuts through the south & southwest portions of the city, you’re never far from a bathroom, drinks, snacks or a place to take a quick rest.

Many parks have great beginner trails and ones that loop, so you don’t have to keep track of how far you’ll have to pedal back.  Some of the better ones that I’ve found are Creve Coeur Park and Cliff Cave Park, with approximately 3 and 5 mile loops, respectively.  Of course if you’re up for a little more of a challenge, Jefferson Barracks Park has a trail that is relatively short at just shy of 3 miles but boasts a few decent hills.

As I’ve graduated to longer rides, the short trails become a little monotonous, and I’ve sought out options for longer rides.  Just over the river in Illinois there are the Madison County Transit Trails, former railways converted to paved bike paths of over 100 miles. “7 Loops” have been created to mark routes of varying distances from 10 to 31.1 miles.  I think I’ve ridden all 7 of the loops.  This setup is great for distance, but be advised that a lot of these trails run through farmland and the cross winds can take a serious toll on your ride.

Of course there is always the famous Katy Trail which is by far my favorite place to ride, probably because of it’s close proximity to my house, meaning more time on 2 wheels instead of 4.  The Katy Trail extends 237 miles from St. Charles to Kansas City.  Also a former railway, the trail is not paved like many of the parks and the MCT trails, but is rather crushed limestone. The length of the trail really allows you determine your own distance and it’s a scenic ride with plenty of places to stop along the way. One of the other great features of the Katy Trail is that there are options for bike rentals.  Probably the closest to St. Louis is the bike shop in Defiance, MO.  Pay by the hour or rent for the day and get a feel for a bike that’s well equipped for the nature of the trail.

Regardless of where you ride, there are a couple of important factors to keep in mind:

1. ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET!  As someone who has taken a bike spill, I cannot stress enough the importance of a helmet.  Yes, you may look silly, but at least your skull is still in tact.

2. Respect the other riders.  Take a few moments to ensure that you know the “rules” of the trail.  Proper bike etiquette keeps everyone safe.

3. Always bring water.  And always more than you think you need.  Often times even if there are stops along the way, they don’t always have access to water and sometimes the distance is several miles before the next accessible water station.

4. Bring snacks.  If you’re taking a longer ride, you’ll need to refuel along the way.  Biking is serious physical activity and it will quickly deplete your resources if you aren’t prepared.

5. Sunscreen. Bug spray. Sunglasses.

6. Enjoy the ride!

Of course there are lots of other great bike trails in St. Louis and surrounding areas.  You can find others at


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Girl Confesses To Smoking Pot

Guy makes music video after breakup

Wednesday April 22, 2015

Mitch Harris Gets Called Up To The St. Louis Cardinals

Mitch Harris graduated from the United States Naval Academy and spent five years serving the United States of America. He was recently called up to the Cardinals from Triple-A Memphis. If he pitches in a big-league game while with the club, he’ll be the first Navy graduate to appear in an MLB game since 1921.

Follow Mitch Harris on Twitter.


Guy Makes Music Video About His Breakup


St. Louis Blues 2015 Playoff Opening Presentation

Here’s the presentation the St. Louis Blues put on at Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri before a first round game in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.


Green Day Performing At Local High School Before They Were Famous

This video was posted back in 2013 on YouTube, but just recently surfaced again on Reddit.


Girl Confesses To Smoking Pot After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Girl confesses to smoking pot after wisdom teeth surgery. H/t to InsideSTL.


J.J. Watt Twerks At Houston Rockets Game

Here’s J.J. Watt dancing at a recent Houston Rockets game with an older woman. (h/t TotalFratMove) This would be the same game where Watt chased down 12-year-old Nicholas Connors to personally congratulate him on an excellent rendition of the National Anthem.


Construction Workers In China Find Dinosaur Eggs

Why are there soo many dinosaur eggs in Heyuan, China?


The Kylie Jenner Challenge Is Dumb

The “Kylie Jenner Challenge” apparently involves someone sticking their lips in a small jar and sucking. It’s really dumb.  It shouldn’t surprise you that people are doing it. The average human IQ is much lower than it should be because of people like this. Idiots are doing it to try to get lips like Kylie Jenner. Even Kylie Jenner thinks the “Kylie Jenner Challenge” this is dumb. There’s video going around of how Jenner actually gets her lips to look like that.


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Sizzler Commercials Through The Years

Sizzler is a hot topic on the internet today after Mashable and others posted a commercial of theirs from 1991 that had been sitting on YouTube waiting to be appreciated. Sizzler was founded in 1958 by Del and Helen Johnson in Mission Viejo, California. The company originally was your typical family-style restaurant that featured home-cooked entrees and a salad bar. The company moved to an expanded buffet setup in the early 1980s. The company once had 270 locations throughout the United States, but after going through bankruptcy, quality and identity issues, the company is down to a much smaller number nowadays. Almost all of the current locations are located in the Western part of the United States.

While this Sizzler commercial from 1991 is getting all of the attention currently, scroll farther down and we’ll show you other Sizzler commercials through the years. Basically, their commercial game has always been pretty strong.






Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner in Full House) appears in an early 80s Sizzler commcercial















2014 – “When Pigs Fly”

2014 “Dry Land”

Sizzler is of course part of popular culture for some odd reason.

David Choe once took Anthony Bourdain to one in Koreatown

It was the place to celebrate in White Men Can’t Jump


Marshawn Lynch celebrated at the Sizzler in high school.

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Judy Greer Gives Advice To Women In Their 20s


Wednesday April 15, 2015

Judy Greer Gives Advice To Women In Their 20s


Ant-Man Trailer

Paul Rudd stars in Ant-Man along with Evangeline Lilly and Hayley Atwell. The film’s release date is set for July 15, 2015.


Aloha Trailer

Aloha features a stacked cast that includes Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Bill Murray and John Krasinski. It’s release date is scheduled for May 29, 2015.


Mia Z Eliminated From NBC’s The Voice

The young Blues singer was a fan favorite, but was eliminated from The Voice last night. Her performance of The Allman Brothers’ “Stormy Monday” drew a standing ovation from the show’s judges. Lindsay Rothfeld over at Mashable is definitely not happy Mia Z was eliminated by America.


David Spade Returns In Joe Dirt 2

David Spade returns as Joe Dirt on July 16 in Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser. The sequel will be available Jul6 exclusively on Crackle.


Riker & Allison’s Paso Doble On Dancing With The Stars


LeBron James, Bill Hader And Amy Schumer Star In Newest Film From Judd Apatow, Trainwreck

The best basketball player on the plant will make his comedy debut in Trainwreck later this year. The latest film from the creator of Bridesmaids will hit theaters on July 17, 2015.


Marana, Arizona Police Officer Hits Suspect With His Police Cruiser

Mario Valencia had allegedly robbed a 7-11, broke into and set a fire in a church, invaded a home and stole a car on February 19. He then stole a gun and some ammunition from a Walmart. He loaded the gun and was walking down the street waving it in the air. Valencia shot the gun in the air at least once, threatened suicide and pointed the gun at an officer. This dashcam footage shows an officer putting a stop to Valencia’s spree for the day and hitting him with his police cruiser. Valencia was in the hospital for two days being treated and then taken to jail. It’s incredibly likely that had the officer not hit Valencia, he would now be dead either from his own hand or an officer forced to shoot him.


Sizzler Commercial From 1991

Sizzler offered everything Americans wanted in 1991.

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Billboard Top 5: Covered – “Uptown Funk” A Cappella

Uptown Funk A Capella by the UNC Achordants


The Billboard Top 5: Covered April 14, 2015

Each Tuesday we compile our favorite covers of the top 5 songs on the Billboard Hot 100. Here is this week’s edition of The Billboard Top 5 : Covered featuring the UNC Achordants, Ebony Day, Brooke Adee from The Voice, Preston Knight and Caleb + Kelsey. They cover the hottest songs in the country right now by the likes of Ellie Goulding, The Weekend, Mark Ronson and Buno Mars, Ed Sheeran and Maroon 5. This week also features an awesome bonus cover of “Want To Want Me”, originally by Jason Derulo, by James Maslow.

These videos are all available in a video playlist powered by Huzzaz.

#1 “Uptown Funk!” Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars

An “Uptown Funk” A Cappella cover by The University of North Carolina Achordants

#2 “Sugar” Maroon 5

Ebony Day covers “Sugar” by Maroon 5

#3 “Love Me Like You Do” Ellie Goulding

Brooke Adee covers Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” on NBC’s The Voice

#4 “Earned It” (Fifty Shades Of Grey) The Weekend

Preston Knight covers “Earned It” by The Weekend

#5 “Thinking Out Loud” Ed Sheeran

Caleb + Kelsey cover “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran

Bonus Cover

“Want To Want Me” Jason Derulo 

James Maslow covers ‘want To Want Me” by Jason Derulo

See all of the videos featured in The Billboard Top 5: Covered in this playlist powered by Huzzaz.

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STL Weekend Events: April 16-19

The St. Louis Weekend Events Guide for Thursday, April 16th through Sunday, April 19th, 2015.

third degree Third Friday: Refresh, Renew: In Springtime, everything is new! Newly blossoming flowers, newfound appreciation for warm weather, and new ways to protect our planet! Don’t forget to bring your clean, label-free glass bottles to have them cut or slumped in the kiln, $15 each! There will be delicious food on the patio provided by Russo’s and the signature cocktail: Cucumber Gin Fizz. The East Gallery presents “Marshland,” a collection of work of Marlene DiFiori Locke. Meet the folks from Earthways Center of Missouri Botanical Garden to discover some new ways to refresh your green living! Bowwod Farms will be bringing air plants for sale, as well as providing information about St. Louis’ Monarch Milkweed project, and giving away free seeds for your yard. Perennial St. Louis will be providing free take-home activities for the kids using upcycled craft items! Live music by DANG, hourly glassblowing demonstrations, and fiery performances by St. Louis Fire Technicians.

Date: April 17
Time: 6-10pm
Place: Third Degree Glass Factory – 5200 Delmar

variety Night of the Rising Stars: Young Variety, a group who unites some of St. Louis’ best rising professionals to raise money and awareness for children with disabilities, is hosting a fun event to find new members. Join them for an exclusive night in the Budweiser Brew House Crown Room to learn more about how you can make a difference. Tickets to this event are $40. The event will include food, drink, a meet-and-greet with Cardinals great Andy Benes, and free tickets ​to the evening’s Cardinals-Reds game.

Date: April 17
Time: 5pm
Place: Budweiser Brew House – Ballpark Village

ilovelucy_615x400 I Love Lucy Live: I LOVE LUCY® LIVE ON STAGE is the brand-new hit stage show adapted from the most beloved program in television history! America’s favorite foursome – Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel – is live on stage and in color for the very first time! In-between scenes, the Crystaltone Singers perform live advertising jingles of the show’s newest sponsors in perfect 50s style harmony. Tickets start at $27.

Date: April 17-19
Time: Times vary
Place: Peabody Opera House – 1400 Market St

builders show Builders St. Charles Home Show: The Home Builders Association of St. Louis and Eastern Missouri has been producing the St. Charles Home Show each spring since the St. Charles Convention Center opened in 2004. Two hundred-fifty companies give show visitors the opportunity to see, learn about and buy the latest products and services from reputable companies they can trust. The Show offers free admission and free parking. Top-notch celebrity speakers and fun features make the show a must-see. Included in the event is the 9th annual Sausage Festival & Wine Tasting, balloons and face painting for the kids, and enter to win a fire pit and pallet of pavers.

Date: April 17-19
Time: Fri & Sat: 11am-8pm, Sun: 11am-5pm
Place: St. Charles Convention Center

Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals: The 3 game series against the Brewers ends on Thursday, followed by a 3-game weekend series vs the Cincinnati Reds. Promotions for this weekend’s games include: Adult Hoodies to the first 25,000 fans ages 16 and over on Friday night, Yadier Molina Bobblehead on Sat night, and kids baseball shirt on Sunday. There will also be free ticket vouchers and an ice cream Sunday event starting two hours prior to the game, where kids can enjoy games, prizes and free Prairie Farms frozen treats in the Ford Plaza. There will also be a pre-game pep rally at Ballpark Village before each game.

Date: April 17-19
Time: Fri: 7:15pm, Sat: 1:15pm, Sun: 7:05pm
Place: Busch Stadium

color run The Color Run: The Happiest 5K on the Planet is coming to St. Louis this weekend. Grab your tutus, your friends, and your running shoes and get ready to get color bombed. The Color Run is a five-kilometer, un-timed race in which thousands of participants are doused from head to toe in different colors at each kilometer. With only two rules, the idea is easy to follow: Wear white at the starting line and Finish plastered in color! The fun continues after Color Runners complete the race with an unforgettable Finish Festival. This larger than life party is equipped with music, dancing and massive color throws, which create millions of vivid color combinations. It’s a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality.

Date: April 18
Time: 8am
Place: Downtown – 1315 Chestnut

wfw_logo Walk For Wishes: Walk & Run For Wishes is a nationwide Make-A-Wish fundraiser that celebrates the thousands of wishes that have already been granted, while raising funds for future wishes. By participating in the St. Louis Walk & Run for Wishes, you can help bring the life-changing impact of a wish to children battling life-threatening medical conditions in our community. 5K registration is $25. Walkers are free.

Date: April 18
Time: 9am
Place: Forest Park – Muny Lot

Fight-Hard-MMA_Family-Arena_Free-Ticket-Coupon4 Fight Hard MMA: Fight Hard MMA has established itself as one of the premier MMA organization in the state of Missouri. They showcase MMA’s best and brightest young fighters while providing its fans with non-stop action both inside and outside of the cage. Fight Hard Nation will once again fill The Family Arena this Saturday to witness another tremendous night of Fight Hard MMA action! Our events are family friendly and ALL ages are welcome! As always Fight Hard MMA will be offering thousands of FREE TICKETS to fans through several area marketing and retail partners, it’s website, and it’s Facebook page. Another huge crowd is expected so as always fans are encouraged to ARRIVE EARLY! Doors for the event will open at 5:30 p.m. with the first fight of the evening starting at 7:00 p.m.

Date: April 18
Time: 7pm
Place: St Charles Family Arena

tasteful affair A Tasteful Affair: Food Outreach’s largest fundraiser of the year., the afternoon will be filled with stellar samples from 40 of the most talented chefs and caterers in the St. Louis area. Plus, enjoy orbiting a galaxy full of over 100 one-of-a-kind auction items. Whether you choose a general admission ticket or VIP pass (complete with boarding bag, speedy check-in, complimentary beverages, complimentary valet parking, five bonus raffle tickets and access to all the tastings) you’ll be helping Food Outreach clients Eat Well, Live Long, and Prosper. GA tickets are $75, VIP are $150.

Date: April 19
Time: 2-5:30pm
Place: Four Season – 999 N 2nd St

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The Longest Ride: Now Out In Theaters

the longest ride

What started out as a book by the talented writer, Nicholas Sparks, in September of 2013, has now become a movie, out in theaters as of last night. I consider myself a romance novel connoisseur, and I can say without hesitation that Nicholas Sparks is a romance novel genius. He has written 18 best-selling romantic dramas, eleven of which have been adapted to film. Among them are Safe Haven, The Best of Me, Dear John, A Walk To Remember, The Notebook, and the latest – The Longest Ride.

If you are a fan of romantic dramas – books or movies, or Nicholas Sparks, then this is one you will definitely want to check out. If a book has a movie counterpart, I usually try to watch the movie first. Often the movie falls short of my expectations after having already read the book, or they change the story-line and I feel disappointed because I loved the book’s version and wanted everything to stay the same. However, there have also been some great film adaptations including A Walk To Remember and The Notebook, both based off Nicholas Sparks novels. I was on an emotional roller coaster throughout both of those movies. The Longest Ride novel came out in September 2013 and since I wasn’t about to wait that long to read a Nicholas Sparks book, this was one time I was going to have to see the movie after having already read the book, and based on my previous experiences with Nicholas Sparks movies vs books, I figured it had a 50/50 shot. Luckily, it was not a disappointment.

Fair warning, they did change the story-line quite a bit, so if you were married to the book’s version, it may be a surprising change. While I don’t think I could ever say I didn’t love everything about a Nicholas Sparks novel, I did enjoy the changes in the movie. Because I don’t want to have to say Spoiler Alert, all I’ll mention in that regard is that the movie left out some of the side drama, which at first I thought would be necessary for the whole “boy saves girl” swooning that all of us ladies love(or maybe that’s just me). But what it did instead was focus on building stronger relationships between the main characters, which made for plenty of laugh and cry moments. There was a good 15 minute sob fest, where I could hear the sniffles going around the theater and see the not-so-discreet eye wipes, of which I may have been included.

It is a PG-13 movie, so besides a little side boob and one (excellent) butt shot that led to some cheering in the theater, it focused on telling the true love story of two couples. The story of one couple’s journey lasting through war and hardships, helps another couple find their way and build their own lasting love story. I can honestly say the ending of The Longest Ride is a fairytale stretch, but if I walk out of the theater or close the book feeling happy and complete and that great things are possible, then it’s a job well done. And that is exactly how I felt as I walked out of the theater. Oh, and I’m definitely feeling a strong urge to attend a rodeo or PBR event in the near future. I mean, a girl can dream, can’t she?

If you haven’t read the book, or heard of the movie, here’s the trailer:


Related Article: Weekend Movie Guide: The Longest Ride, Ex Machina

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2015 Fair Saint Louis Music Lineup Announced

2015 Fair Siant Louis Music Lineup

With the Gateway Arch grounds still under construction the 2015 Fair Saint Louis festivities will be again be held in Forest Park from Thursday, July 2 to Saturday, July 4. The fair’s music lineup was announced earlier this week with Kool & the Gang, Chris Young, Blondie, Melissa Etheridge, Parmalee and Natalie Stovall and The Drive set to appear.

An estimated 250,000 people visited the park grounds last year for the fair. The popular air show will again unfortunately be absent this year. While the Federal Aviation Administration had given approval for an air show at the temporary location, it is likely the planning logistics and the cost of the air show at Forest Park led to the cancellation. Steve Pozaric has been named General Chairman of Fair Saint Louis for 2015.

The 35th annual edition of the festival will still include the nightly fireworks shows and plenty of activities in areas like the Ameren/Purina Family Festival Zone. The 133rd annual Veiled Prophet Parade will take place on Saturday morning, July 4th through Forest Park.

Here’s a sampling of the music you will hear at Fair Saint Louis 2015.

July 2

Natalie Stovall and The Drive

Natalie Stovall and The Drive “Dear Dolly”


Parmalee “Carolina”

Chris Young

Chris Young “Lonely Eyes”

July 3


Blondie “Hanging on the Telephone”

Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge ‘Come To My Window”
July 4

Kool & the Gang

Kool & The Gang “Celebration”

I wouldn’t be doing my duty as a St. Louisan if I didn’t also include these two St. Louis Cardinals television spots that appear to be from 1982 which feature Kool & The Gang’s “Celebration”

Fair Saint Louis, formerly the VP Fair, has been a staple of St. Louis summers since 1981. The first Veiled Prophet Parade was held in St. Louis in 1878. The early days of the parade and the organization behind it have come under scrutiny as of late.

Here’s more music from the artists scheduled to perform at the 2015 edition of Fair Saint Louis. Playlist powered by Huzzaz.

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Medina Mediterranean Grill On Washington Ave


Sometimes the stars align; I’m having one of those weeks.

Of all the things to discover you love while visiting Little Rock, I discovered that I love falafel. Not just a little, but devoted, will seek out LOVE. I’m married to a vegan so you would think I would have discovered this before now, but he’s insane and thinks it is just OK.

There has been a “Coming Soon” sign in the window of a restaurant two blocks from my office for months. I gave no thought to it but this morning when the “Now Open” sign caught my eye, I realized with irrational excitement that what had just opened was a Mediterranean Grill two blocks from my office! “Holy crap,” my inner voice said, “Today will be a good day. Today you will eat falafel.”

As I type this my mouth is full of falafel with delicious tahini and pickled radishes, and it is Yummy!! It is from Medina on Washington Ave. They are right at the corner of 14th and Washington, just a stone’s throw from the City Museum.

I ordered the classic falafel, but they do have other food. They have chicken and beef shawarma served on either pita or French bread depending on the sandwich, and they have a variety of salads. I highly recommend you check them out the next time you are downtown.

Medina Mediterranean Grill
1327 Washington Ave
St. Louis, MO 63103



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