Naked Bowling in St. Louis

Lydia Vaughan
1429 days ago.

Yep, you read that title correctly. Just recently, a bowling alley in Maplewood, Saratoga Lanes, held their first “clothing optional” bowling event. The event was organized by a group called Sex Positive St. Louis, a group of “sex bloggers” in the St. Louis area. Nude bowling may seem shocking at first, but this isn’t the first time St. Louis has hosted such an event. Carriage Bowl, which used to be located at Kingshighway and Arsenal Street but has since been closed down, also offered bowlers the opportunity to bowl nude.

Riverfront Times I Danny Wicentowski
Riverfront Times I Danny Wicentowski

I myself would prefer to wear clothes while bowling, but apparently others really enjoy naked bowling. According to David Wraith, a Sex Positive St. Louis blogger, one of the attendees at Saratoga Lanes told him that it was “his dream to bowl naked.” That’s the kind of dream I would call a nightmare.

While some support the idea of nude bowling, others question whether or not it’s legal. Missouri does have statutes regarding nudity, obscenity, and public indecency.

What do you think about bowling bare? Would you do it? Or do you think it’s indecent?

If you’re interested in learning more about Sex + STL and their clothing optional events, check out their event calendar. Next up…Clothing Optional Yoga on April 27th.


Photo Credit: Riverfront Times

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4 thoughts on “Naked Bowling in St. Louis”

  1. I was there. I don’t see anything indecent about it. There was no sexual activity. And nudity doesn’t bother me, for I am a nudist. And nudism is perfectly legal in Missouri. Of course, you can’t be naked in public view on a city street, but that was a private party, and no one who might be offended by nudity attended. So I don’t really see a problem.

    1. I didn’t realize there were even nudist groups in STL until I heard about the naked bowling event. Ya learn something new everyday! What’s the most fun naked event you’ve ever been to?

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