Top 5 Halloween Costumes of 2014

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Halloween is my favorite holiday. Not only do I love chocolate and candy, I also love haunted houses and dressing up in crazy costumes. When I have the time and budget to be creative, they can be pretty awesome. Over the past couple years, I’ve been part of a roller derby team, the cast of Clueless, and a raver. Because I love it so much, I like to help those around me with ideas as well, so I put together a list based on 2014 popular trends, people, etc. Here are my Top 5 picks for great Halloween costumes to represent 2014, in case anyone needs any help!


1. Frozen: Obviously one of the biggest movies of the year, loved by both children and adults. I mean really, what girl doesn’t want to be Anna or Elsa? And with “Frozen” costumes being a hot commodity this year, you’ll pretty much be able to find one at any Halloween or party store. I would recommend buying it early though, before they’re all sold out.

2. #IceBucketChallenge: There are tons of ways to pull this off, so it’s really up to your creative mind. My thought would be to make a bucket out of cardboard and silver paper and make some kind of head piece for it so it stays put all night, carry around a thermos of water, wear a swimsuit underneath your clothes, and randomly pour water on yourself throughout the night so you have the #challengeaccepted look going. Or you can go the Charlie Sheen route – dress like Charlie Sheen, spew phrases like “Winning” and “I’m on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen,” and carry around a bucket filled with fake money as your prop.

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: TMNT are cool again! Wait…were they ever not? Anyway, with the recently released movie and a sequel on the way, I imagine they will be a popular costume choice this year…for women and men. It’s a pretty simple costume; green sweat pants and bandannas with cut-outs for the eyes. I’ve also seen women go with green dresses or t-shirts and green tutus…so many options. Yellow felt material stapled or glued on for the abs works great or you can have something printed at a t-shirt shop. You can make the shell or buy one almost anywhere. Target has them, Toy “R” Us, Amazon, Hot Topic even has shell book bags! Add a box of pizza as a prop and done.

4. Pharrell has been a pretty hot topic this year, from his ‘Mountain’ hat to “Happy”. We all secretly wanted a Pharrell hat and now’s your chance to wear one without shame. Not to mention his outfits are pretty cool, so all around it would be a fun shopping trip and you get to dance around all night as part of your character. Suggestions for finding a mountain hat: Amazon
and eBay.

Heart Minion
A Minion: The minions of the Despicable Me movies have captured the hearts of us all. We love their goofy laughs, and they have been all over the internet this year, being used as memes and GIFs. The costume is pretty simple: Find a yellow wig, yellow shirt, and yellow pants, shorts, or skirt. Pair it with overalls, black boots and gloves, and goggles and you’re set. The hardest part will be mastering the incoherent speech and that cute little laugh.


Emoji Masks: We all love emojis, especially the poop emoji. So it comes as no surprise that someone created a tangible emoji..,and right in time for Halloween. Need/Want, a start-up currently based in St. Louis that makes products that solve problems, have both solved your Halloween costume worries and made the emojis we all love to use every day even more fun! And they’re only $5 a piece or you can go in with a group and get 5 different emoji faces for only $15.

Some that were on my 2013 list, but are definitely still popular and fun:

Any Orange Is The New Black Character: It’s a pretty easy and cheap costume idea. The first season was all about Piper, but the show has grown and each character has a unique personality so take your pick. You could even get a group and go as the cast. Red: Color your hair and carry around a spatula. Crazy Eyes: Make a bunch of little buns all over your hair and act freaky all night. Morello: Add some bright red lipstick and a mini-shrine of your ex and everyone will know who you are. So many options…


Miley Cyrus: Last year it was all about the Blurred Lines video/ MTV VMA’s: nude body suit, foam finger, done. However, 2014 was the year of The Bangerz Tour which has provided us with a much larger canvas to paint. If you’re feeling rebellious, go with a marijuana theme. Feeling like a diva, spice it up with a sparkly red onesie, feather boa, and red boots. Show off your American pride with a skimpy America-themed outfit accessorized with cowboy boots and hat. Or go grunge in an over-sized Miley t-shirt and backwards hat. The possibilities are endless when you’re in Miley’s world.

If you’re looking for a throwback idea, something fun but not necessarily trending in 2014, check out my 2012 and 2013 Best Halloween Costumes lists for more ideas.

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