Top 10 Pumpkin and Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

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crayon-pumpkinHalloween is a fun holiday for all to enjoy. A big tradition is carving the pumpkin, but for me it never goes like I envisioned. So this year I decided to take a different approach by simply decorating my pumpkin.  While on my search for the perfect pumpkin decorating idea, I ran across some amazing party ideas as well. Pinterest is the place to look when you need a great idea.

Here are my Top 10 Favorite Pumpkin & Party Decorating Finds:

  1. Buy a white pumpkin and glue broken crayons around the stem. Then turn your hair dryer on high and watch the colors melt down the side of the pumpkin. Genius! Why didn’t I think of this?
  2. Paint your pumpkin in chalk board paint and then draw a design or write a cute little spooky poem.
  3. Wrap your pumpkin in colored tulle and tie a bow at the stem with ribbon.
  4. Paint your pumpkin your favorite color. Then lightly rub off some of the paint to give it a rustic look. You could use this pumpkin as indoor party décor or for outdoors.
  5. Need a wreath for your front door? Well I found this amazing wreath made from ping-pong balls and glue-on eyes. Very creepy!
  6. For a great center piece, paint a vase black and get white flowers (fake or real), then cover the flowers with fake spiders. Spoooky!
  7. I also like the idea of using a small pumpkin as a dip bowl. Just carve out the insides, pour in some dip and you’re done!
  8. For a spooky drink, you can make punch with or without alcohol and add some dry ice to give it a spooky effect. If you can’t find dry ice, fill a plastic glove with water and freeze over night. Add it to your punch bowl and you have a floating hand!
  9. Another really great idea is to use a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll and cut eye shapes into it. Then add a glow stick, which you can find cheap at Target. Hide them in the bushes around the house. It will really freak your guests out!
  10. Last but not least, make some mummy dogs as an appetizer. A hot dog with crescent roll is easy and fun.

These are a few of my favorites for Halloween. What are some of yours? I always love a new genius idea. Send us pictures of how your party and pumpkin look.

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