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Adam Sandler in The Do-Over

Adam Sandler’s Second Netflix Movie Is Now Streaming On The Service

Need something to stream on Netflix, Amazon or Hulu? ReaLifeSTL has a new suggestion for you each Friday. This week, we suggest you check out The Do-Over on Netflix. The comedy is the latest production from Adam Sandler and his team in their exclusive deal with Netflix. Beware, you’ll need to possess that “acquired taste” for Sandler.

Adam Sandler and David Spade star in 'The Do-Over' on Netflix.
Adam Sandler and David Spade star in ‘The Do-Over’ on Netflix. Photo Credit: Netflix

The Do-Over is the second film in a four-film deal Netflix signed with Sandler and his Happy Madison Productions outfit two years ago. The first film in the deal, The Ridiculous Six, was the most-watched movie opening in Netflix’s history, although the company didn’t reveal any statistics to back that up.

Ridiculous Six, unsurprisingly, was not very well-reviewed. Screen Crush calls The Do-Over a bad movie, but thinks it would make a decent long-form beer commercial. The Ringer has a piece titled Adam Sander Needs Help.

Like I said in the opening paragraph, Sandler is an acquired taste, especially as of late. Netflix’s statement about Ridiculous Six setting a record was a testament to that . . . or it was a lie to save face. The Do-Over currently has a 4.5/5 rating on the streaming service.

The Do-Over opens with Max (Sandler) and Charlie (Spade) meeting at their high school reunion. Charlie is in a dead-end marriage with a woman who happens to be provocatively dancing with her ex-husband when we first see her. He manages the bank branch he worked at in high school, which happens to be in a grocery store. Max reveals he is now an FBI agent, or is he?

Several days later, Max invites Charlie out on his boat. The two enjoy food an drinks on the boat for much of the day while they share their stories of life since high school. In the next camera shot, we see boat explode. We then see Sandler rowing a small rowboat away from the scene with a passed out Spade. When Charlie regains consciousness, Max tells him that he has given them both new leases on life by faking their deaths and obtaining new identities for the both of them.

As Charlie comes to find out, Max isn’t exactly who he thinks he is and this little setup isn’t just to help his friend get a do-over on life.

The Do-Over won’t win any Oscars, of course. It won’t be a movie that people count among their favorites or all time either. I did find it enjoyable, however. There are a couple of parts that even I thought really didn’t need to be in the movie.

Among the other actors and actresses appearing in the film are Paula Patton, Kathryn Hahn, Nick Swardson, Sean Astin, Matt Walsh and Catherine Bell. Sandler’s wife, Jackie Sandler, makes another appearance in one of her husband’s Netflix movies after playing Never Wears Bra in The Ridiculous 6.

Steven Brill directed Do-Over. Brill may be best known for writing all three films in the Mighty Ducks franchise. Among his other directorial credits are Walk of Shame, Without A Paddle, Heavy Weights and Sandler-led films Mr. Deeds and Little Nicky.

Don’t click play on this one expecting much of anything. However, if you happen to be 14-years old, enjoy Adam Sandler, liked Joe Dirt 2 or have been partaking in some “recreational activities”, give The Do-Over a watch. Check out the trailer below.

The Do-Over trailer


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