Top 5 Halloween Costumes of 2015

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Halloween is the best holiday. Not only because it’s the one day of the year where it’s pretty much required to gorge on candy and chocolate, but I also love haunted houses and dressing up in crazy costumes. Time and budget permitting, I am all about the ‘DIY’ costumes. I’ve been part of a roller derby team, the cast of Clueless, and last year I created a piñata costume out of felt and streamers. The sexy nurse, sexy fireman, and zombie costumes are so 2000 and late, but pop culture trends from 2015, when done right, could make for some fun and unique costumes. Here are my Top 5 picks for great Halloween costumes to represent 2015:

Donald Trump: You can’t go wrong with this as a woman or a man. I mean, who doesn’t want to wear a hideous toupé for a night? Or if you want to go as couples, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would make a pretty great costume couple…and a fun night of debates. Don’t forget the spray tan!

Donald Trump

Mad Max: Fury Road: The movie that stole the show this year! Charlize kicked ass and it was both action packed and emotional. The characters were wild and the costumes were all over Comic Con 2015. If you’re doing a solo costume,  the war boy outfit is pretty simple: white body paint, black paint around  the eyes, cargo pants, and some kind of neck wrap or handkerchief. You could add goggles and war stick to give it some flair. A whole Mad Max cast group would be awesome!

“The Dress”: You could go cliché with this and buy the half blue and black – half white and gold dress that the party stores are now selling or you could create a ‘DIY’ dress, perhaps with all of the colors mixed together for a serious mind boggle. Or if you’re into nerdy stuff, add some special effects to it so it looks different in certain lights. Black light effects are always fun!

Left Shark: Left Shark was Everywhere after the Super Bowl. Shark Week, the Late Late Show, t-shirts, cell phone cases…everywhere. He was 2015’s “hero” and with football season in full gear, it’s the perfect 2015 costume. If you’re in a group, imagine the fun you could have: a beach ball, a palm tree, a shark, Katy herself. It’s also great if you’re self conscious about dancing. You can werk it and be off beat and no one will know who you are!


Back To The Future: 2015 marks the trilogy’s 30th anniversary and of course, October 21, 2015 is the future day that Marty travels to in the sequel, so it’s the perfect year to go full Back To The Future! Who wouldn’t love to be Doc with his poofy white hair, white jumpsuit and goggles. Sorry, your best bet for the Delorean is probably this Toys R Us toy. A great group option would be the years of Marty; the red leather coat, the red puffy vest, the prom suit and red guitar, plus the shoes and accessories like a  ‘DIY’ hoverboard. I see some costume contest wins here!


The Pope just visited the US and if you watched the news at all, then you may have seen him kiss the baby Pope. While some may think dressing up as the Pope is sacrilege, others may show it as a sign of respect to “the people’s Pope.” You could be The Pope on the cover of Time Magazine, The Pope with ‘baby pope’, The Pope with the Statue of Liberty…there are many possibilities; just keep it respectful.

Miley costumes will never get old. You can go all out and wear legit pasties or you can go with a nude body suit with accessories on top. And since she hosted the 2015 VMAs, there are even more options to choose from this year!

Looking for something else? Check out my 20122013, and 2014 Best Halloween Costumes lists for more ideas.

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