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Cavalia In St. Louis

After seeing a preview of Cavalia, I reckon you need to see it.

My favorite downtown St. Louis coffee – Park Avenue Coffee

I’ve tried most of the coffee places downtown (I believe only with the exception one really new place) and this is so far above all the rest that it’s like a Greek god staring down from the heavens at the mortal below who came in 2nd place.

Caruso's Deli-Lunching in the Loft District

This is the place I will go time and time again once my adventures in eating up and down Washington are all over. I have been told that this place is new; a few things juggled around and Caruso’s landed at 1312 Washington Ave. These are the friendliest people I have every met in any eating establishment EVER!!

Explore St. Louis in a New Way

Hosted by Red Frog Events (who also host the Warrior Dash which I will be participating in October), it’s a crazy competition where teams pair up, dress up, and run around the city on a scavenger hunt.