Caruso's Deli-Lunching in the Loft District

Melissa Jensen
2965 days ago.

The first few times I walked down Washington I passed this place right up, located just to the east of Fitness Factory with a really small storefront it is easy to do, but one day I was walking back and there was a man standing outside and he said hello.  He seemed so genuinely friendly that it made me look at what he was standing in front of.  It was Caruso’s Deli and based on my research that was Jerry Caruso. (They recently installed an awning making it easier to find).  I made a mental note that I would try this place out and so I did.

This is the place I will go time and time again once my adventures in eating up and down Washington Ave are all over.  I have been told that this place is new; a few things juggled around and Caruso’s landed at 1312 Washington Ave.  These are the friendliest people I have every met in any eating establishment EVER!!  With total sincerity, they thank you for coming in, smile while they take your order and ask you how your day is going.  There are always people sitting outside and they seem to know all of the locals.  It was quick, it was delicious and I loved having a pasta salad as my side instead of chips.

They sell meats etc. and sandwiches and salads pre-packaged and ready to go or you can order off their menu and the sandwich is made just for you.  I heart the veggie sandwich with fresh avocado……..YUMMY!!!  If you come to have lunch with me there is a very very good chance that we will walk down a block and eat here!!  They do deliver for lunch but the hours are limited and there is a delivery fee, totally worth it!!

Caruso’s Deli

1312 Washington Ave


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