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I was a little hesitant about this Cavalia thing at first.  It’s the Cirque du Soleil-type equestrian show that has taken over the parking lot just south of Busch Stadium. I got to see a preview of the show in advance of it’s first real performance, which is tonight at 8pm.

It was fantastic.

What Cavalia has done to transform that parking lot into their arena is amazing.  It makes me think St. Louis should just give them our shady parking lots, garages and abandoned buildings and let them have at it.  They even brought in the fancy portable bathroom trailers and bleachers. You are going to be comfortable while watching this show.

Before the show, the founder of Cavalia, Normand Latourelle, said a few words. He had just flown in to St. Louis and said even he was surprised with all of the billboards. He made sure to specify that all of  those weren’t his idea, but he’s glad they are getting the word out about the show. He also announced that they are donating part of their proceeds from their time in St. Louis to Circus Flora for community outreach.

I grew up with horses in my backyard. I didn’t really care for them then. It was amazing how well-trained these horses were. If my horses had been like that, I assume I could have trained them to play tennis with me. The tricks that these riders could do were amazing and made me wonder if they should be committed for being that crazy. I don’t have the extensive vocabulary necessary to fully describe this show.  It is something you just have to see.  Luckily, I was able to get some pictures and video. It was difficult to get good videos because there was just so much going on and you didn’t know when to record.

Here’s a sweet trick. I can’t fathom how you can 1) ride like that and 2) jump and land like that.

Here are some rope tricks.  I shall call this “Take That Double Dutch.”

Here’s a link to an album of pictures I took.

The show is scheduled to run at 1000 Cerre Street until April 8th, but the rumor is that they might add more shows here. Here’s the performance calendar.  While the first performance is tonight at 8pm, the crew takes tomorrow off as is their custom and will perform again Friday, March 23rd at 8pm. One of the cast members explained to me that they are always stressed out preparing for the premiere so after the opening show, they always take the next day off to relax.  Then, they are just having fun for the remainder of the run.  The performers seemed to be having a blast last night, so I can’t imagine how cool seeing the show later in the run will be.

There are a wide array of ticket packages so take your pick. This isn’t a show you will likely have a chance to see again so you might as well spring for the Rendez-Vous VIP package or try your luck at the Facebook contest to win VIP tickets.

The tent village is a very short walk from the Stadium MetroLink Station so that’s an option if you don’t want to drive. However, it does take place on part of a huge parking lot so there is plenty of parking available.

I advise you go see Cavalia while it is in St. Louis.  You could either take my word for it as an expert on stuff you should see, do and eat or you could just read these other reviews.

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