Jump, Jive, then you Wail, you gotta!

4902 days ago.

Love that song…however, not what this blog is about. It’s actually about a new bar called the Jive and Wail! They didn’t play that song there though…maybe I’ll request it next time…

Washington Avenue, the hotspot for the downtown city livers, has just recently opened a dueling piano bar. I visited this establishment recently to celebrate a birthday. I have to say I am a big fan of this style of bar and am in love with The Big Bang on Laclede’s Landing, so you have to be some tough competition to win me over. Sadly, they did not…however because they are still very new, I am open to giving them a second chance.

Why I’m giving them a second chance: They have a good drink selection, their decor was urban and fun, and their performers knew a wide variety of songs. We actually had a competition going about which cliche piano bar song would be played next, and were pleasantly surprised at how many songs they went through before one was played. Also, they had a more sophisticated ambiance, not so college-like(if you’ve been to the bars on the Landing, you know what I’m talking about: the odors, the bathrooms, the sometimes too overly “enthusiastic” patrons). 

Why I prefer The Big Bang: Their seating is arranged so that everyone(or almost everyone)can see the performers more easily. It is also closer together which gives more of a community vibe, and makes the singing along more fun.  The bartenders are fantastic, friendly, and so talented. They can do awesome tricks and flip bottles, and the waitresses even participate by being involved in a choreographed dance every once in awhile. The pianists are fantastic! Overall, the atmosphere is more lively and energetic.

Although the opinions of others are often influential on the choices we make, my recommendation is that you check them both out, then let me know which you prefer.


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