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Shelley S
2409 days ago.

I recently, as in last month, found out that I had to move.  Nothing quite like getting hit with the task of packing up all of your earthly belongings, finding a new place and moving all less than 2 weeks before Christmas! Needless to say, I was beside myself.

It would be daunting enough if I was just moving myself and honestly after 14 moves, I like to think that I’m pretty good at it, but I was to be moving myself and 2 mini-mes as well. This is where it is safe to correctly assume that they have just as many clothes and shoes as I do, which amounts to a HUGE task.  Plus, adding insult to injury, the place that I found was a 3rd floor walk up. While I like to tout my physical strength and brag about the weight of my leg press, hauling bunk beds solo is outside of my skill set.  Enter Bellhops!

Despite the frequency of my moves, I’ve never hired movers. Feeling like I probably shouldn’t take advantage of my friends and family for the 15th time I figured I’d spring for it and I’ll never go back!  My company has a partnership with Bellhops and so naturally they were the first choice, but their service stood on it’s own. First of all, the process was RIDICULOUSLY easy.  Go to the website, enter some basic details about your move and put down a $1 deposit. My reservation was less than 24 hours before I was scheduling the move and they were able to accommodate without issue, though, they usually request at least a 48 hour lead time to guarantee your reservation. Less than 10 minutes after I hit submit, my phone rang and it was one of my bellhops.  He introduced himself to me and asked a few questions about my move, confirmed the date and time, and indicated that he would see me tomorrow.  Simple as that!

Around the same time, I received an email with a profile and photo of each of my bellhops. A little back story, this is not your standard moving company. You provide the supplies and you rent the truck and then you rent your bellhops. You make the selection based upon how many you require and for how long.  All of the bellhops are college students who are kinda like Uber for moving. In my case, I loaded the truck the night before and they met me to unload.

They arrived promptly and got straight to work. It was a HUGE task and without a doubt ridiculously exhausting, but they stayed positive the whole time. No standing around or taking breaks; they were friendly and personable and worked fast as not to waste my time or money. When they were done unloading, there was still time left in the reservation and they offered their services to assemble furniture or help move things around within my new place. I didn’t take advantage of this because I was on a short time frame but it was great to know that I had that option.

By the time I had locked my door and hopped into the U-Haul to return it, I had an email from Bellhops asking for a review of my move and my total. I fully expected to pay for the entire time that I had reserved, but was only charged for the time they were on-site. I was able to pay the final amount right there and review each bellhop, even add a gratuity for each mover individually. This meant I could tip the cuter one more without hurting the feelings of the other– Just kidding, they were both cute!

The icing on the cake came a few days later when I received a personalized video message thanking me for using their service and for the kind review. Talk about a company dedicated to providing a superior experience!

If you’re looking to move without breaking the bank or the relationships with your friends, Bellhops is undoubtedly the best option!


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Shelley S

Shelley is a St. Louis native, but a nomad at heart and has lived in most areas of the city. She is mom to two miniature versions of herself that keep her laughing all the time. A self-professed fitness and nutrition junkie, you’ll usually find her at the gym or in the kitchen. One of her favorite things to do is take delicious recipes and make them healthy. Known for randomly busting into song and/or dance, Shelley has never turned down a challenge and secretly believes she can do anything.

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