Weekend Movie Guide (1/23/14)

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I, Frankenstein opens this weekend. That’s it. No other films open in wide release. This weekend is a good weekend to search out a film that maybe isn’t playing the big theaters. Her, Dallas Buyer’s Club and Inside Llweyn Davis are all solid choices. Maybe make it a Keller weekend? Also, be sure to check out our Redbox picks at the bottom.


Recapping Last Weekend


Ride Along set a new January opening weekend record with $41.6 million from Friday-Sunday. It bested Cloverfield, which brought in $40.1 million in January 2008. When you factor in Monday’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Ride Along brought in a total of $48.1 million. Lone Survivor finished second over the holiday weekend, bringing in just shy of $26 million in its fourth weekend of release. The Nut Job finished about $250,000 behind Mark Wahlberg to take the third spot. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit brought in $18 million in its first weekend, finishing $2 million ahead of Frozen. The Disney film has now brought in $337 million domestically and $763 million worldwide on a $150 million budget.

Devil’s Due brought in a dismal $9 million in its opening weekend, although that is still ahead of its $7 million budget. The Wolf of Wall Street brought in $8.4 million in its fourth weekend to move within $8 million of its $100 million budget.

Opening This Weekend


I, Frankenstein

This film has taken the long road to theaters. It was shot in 2012 and previously had two different release dates last year. The Frankenstein character has seen a whole lot of screentime since being introduced by Mary Shelley in 1818. If you like the Underworld movie franchise, you would like this movie since it’s from the same people. Aaron Eckhart plays Adam, the monster created by Dr. Frankenstein. Eckhart previously portrayed Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight and the POTUS in Olympus Has Fallen. It’s an incredibly safe play to bet that Frankenstein won’t come close to their box office totals. Yvonne Strahovski, who played Sarah Walker on Chuck is also in the film.

Still Playing


Inside Llweyn Davis

This project from the Coen brothers tells the story of a fictional folk singer trying to make it in New York in the 1960s. While Llewyn Davis is fictional, the story is inspired by Dave Van Ronk‘s autobiography. If life was fair, this film would be raking in awards. It unfortunately is up for them at a time there are quite a few other contenders. Oscar Issac plays the title character and did his own singing in the film. He has been nominated for a slew of awards for his work. John Goodman, Casey Mulligan and Justin Timberlake also are featured in the film. Check it out at a few theaters around St. Louis.

Catch It Before It’s Gone


 Dallas Buyer’s Club will still be playing this weekend at the newly-digital “land of misfit movies”, if you haven’t seen Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto’s performance in that yet. Justin Bieber’s Believe also makes its debut. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is one that you probably need to see in the theater while it is still there. Check out the trailer. Be sure to follow Keller 8 on Facebook for the latest news.


Make It A Redbox Night


Captain Phillips and Blue Jasmine are both available to rent for $1.20 this week. If you’re typically a fan of Woody Allen, you’ll like Jasmine. Instructions Not Included will require you to do some reading, but it is well worth it. It was a surprise hit at the box office. Check out the trailer.

 In A World won Best Screenplay at the Sundance Film Festival and is now available for you to watch at home. If you have a weird obsession with straight-to-dvd movies, then Freezer is for you. It takes place almost entirely in a restaurant freezer and stars Dylan McDermott.

With all of these movies out at Redbox, it’s the perfect time to sign up for the Redbox Mobile Text Club for free movies.


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