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Neighbors Have you ever lived in an Urban area and seen things that you just can’t turn away from? Well let me tell you that I’ve lived in downtown St. Louis for a year now and I have seen and heard some pretty interesting things.

Call me paranoid, but I always have my blinds and/or curtains closed. I don’t want anyone within binocular view to see what I’m sporting. Maybe I just woke up and have mascara all under my eyelids and hair that looks like a troll doll. Maybe I have girlfriends over and we’re having a pajama party. Either way, I don’t want strangers to see the private things that go on in my home. Now before I continue, let me state that I don’t think my life is any more interesting than the person next door, but I don’t want to be the chick on 8th floor with a nickname either.

Now let’s talk about some fun neighbors I’ve either seen or heard of:

  • The Kissing Couple – This is a cute couple who sits on their couch in the evening hours and makes out with their curtains open.
  • The Treadmill Girl – This chick always has her blinds open and there is a treadmill right in the window. She never walks or runs on it, but instead walks around the place nude all the time.
  • Jesus – Yes, Jesus. Someone has a 4-foot tall portrait of Jesus staring out their window watching over Washington Avenue. He is my neighbor and I like to think he’s also my homeboy.
  • Napping Ledge Guy – This guy takes naps on his ledge. Death wish? We may never know.
  • Creepy Porn Guy – Oh you read it right. This dude films porn inside his loft at night with the blinds open and the lights bright.
  • The Naked Lady – She must be a nudist because people occasionally see glimpses of her through her broken blinds.

Do you have any interesting window sighting stories? Or are you the neighbor with a nickname?





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