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Ever flip through the channels of your TV screen and notice that every other channel has some sort of reality show airing? Reality shows are the new crave in modern American television. But I bet you didn’t know that a St. Louis based company is the new pioneer in reality television. Coolfire Productions is located in downtown St. Louis and has a vision to launch 10 new reality shows based here in the Lou! Yeah…. Coolfire! Well, its about time someone took notice to all the talent we have based right here in our own backyard.


Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s was and continues to be a great success for Coolfire on the OWN network. Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s is a reality show about Robbie Montgomery (former back up singer for Tina Turner) who opened a soul food restaurant called Sweetie Pie’s located in the North County area and has now grown to 3 locations throughout the St. Louis Metro area. Robbie and her family show all the trials and struggles of maintaining a successful restaurant business, while allowing you to peek in on the daily antics of the life of her family. Very funny show! It airs on Saturday nights on the OWN Network.


Funeral Boss is one of my favorites because the owner is a high school friend! (Go U.City!) Funeral Boss is all about Billy Harris and his family. They are the owners of William C. Harris Funeral Home located in North County. Funeral Boss is on the Discovery and Health channel and showcases the life of William Harris and the funeral business.


Resale Royalty is another show that aired this year on the Style network. Resale Royalty is a reality show about Sue McCarthy and her daughters, Laura and Diana. They run one of the top resale shops in the country. The Women’s Closet Exchange is an upscale resale shop located in South County. Mrs. McCarthy promises drama free programming while maintaining an entertaining show. They focus on the day-to-day operations of the resale business while periodically venturing out to A-list clients to buy fashion pieces in bulk.


Mom Friends Forever is Coolfire’s latest show about Kate White and her best friend Judi Diamond. Check out our interview with them here. These ladies are St. Louis moms who managed to transform their successful vlog “Lipstick and Laundry” into this reality show. This show gives you an inside look at how they run a successful vlog while giving you a behind the scene look at the joys of raising their children. They deal with all the issues that moms face, from tears to laughter.

I don’t know…I’ve kind of been thinkin’ that reality tv needs something new and fresh, something that would be absolutely hilarious! Yep, you want real reality, try a show based on the day to day operations of an apartment property manager! Let’s get creative. What ideas are out there for the next hot reality show? We have one of the best production companies based right here in the STL. You never know…you could be the inventor of their next show. Sorry, the property management idea is mine!


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