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Michelle Bullock
3126 days ago.

Mom Friends Forever A few months ago my son came into the living room from watching his program on Nick Jr and told me that it was my time to watch my shows.  After a quizzical look, I went into the room and noticed that my son’s channel, Nick Jr., had turned into Nick Mom. Apparently, after hours this channel becomes more for Moms instead of children!  One show grabbed my attention immediately.  It is a reality show based right here in Saint Louis. It centers around two best friends and their day-to-day lives as busy working moms, while creating Lipstick n’ Laundry v-logs.

Moms, how may times have you thought to yourself, “I wonder if this has happened to anyone else?” This show confirms that we all are in this mom club together and nothing is off limits. Watching Kate and Judi is more like having a conversation that you would only have with your best friend rather than watching a reality show about moms who are ‘perfect’ and always dance around the tough, not-so-pleasant stuff. Add in humor and you have a winning combination that will leave your cheek bones hurting and your heart reaching out to them. These ladies make no excuses and they shouldn’t have to because they are fabulous. We are just honored to be invited to join in their MFF- Mom Friends Forever journey.

I recently had the joy of meeting these two incredible ladies at Kate’s home to talk some Mom talk. When I arrived at Kate’s house, it was raining like crazy, but through the rain drops I could hear the infectious laughter of Kate coming from her porch. She was outside waiting to greet me with a big hug and an even bigger personality. Soon after, Judi pulled up with her neon green car, flaming red hair, an equally dynamic personality and greeted me with the same affectionate hug.  I felt like I was arriving at my best friend’s house that I hadn’t seen in forever, certainly not meeting my two favorite t.v. mom heroes for the first time.  Here’s the fun that ensued after that:

And the fun didn’t stop there. Here’s the stuff we couldn’t put in the interview but had to share… 

These two ladies are hardly forgettable; I know I won’t soon forget my experience with my new Mom Friends Forever.

Now it’s your turn to get more acquainted with Kate and Judi.  Check them out on Nick Jr. or go to  I guarantee lots of motherfunny!!


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