St. Louis Blues Beard-A-Thon

2130 days ago.

It’s almost halfway to Movember. I know some of you guys are getting antsy to grow that disgusting mustache again, but no worries, there’s something better!

The Blues are once again promoting the Beard-A-Thon for the Playoff Season. After their 3-1 win over the Colorado Avalanche on Tuesday, the Blues have secured a spot in the play-offs, which start on April 30th. In efforts to raise money for the Joshua Chamberlain Foundation, a St. Louis based charity whose mission is to provide long term support to veterans from the Greater St. Louis Area who have sustained permanent combat injuries and their children, the Blues 14 Fund, a program created to honor former Blues player Doug Wickenheiser who passed away from cancer in 1999, is giving you the opportunity to grow one for the team.

How It Works:

Go to the Blues Beardathon page, click Sign Up And Grow, take a picture of your current beard or non-beard status and start growing. You can upload photos of your beard in progress and send invitations to people to donate to you and also to Vote for your beard in the Facial Hair Face-Off!

Now some of you men might consider yourself “facial hair challenged,” growing weird patchy beards or are not able to grow them at all. And what about the women? While some of us may not be able to grow a beard, we can still join in the fun. First, by pledging a donation to your favorite beard grower to support the cause. In addition, there is an awesome Build-A-Beard app on the Beardathon page, where you can upload a picture and create your own beard! Here’s mine:


Not only is this a great cause to support, it’s also a fun way to gross out your wife/significant other two times this year, instead of just one.

Here’s a little Facial Hair Face-off to get you motivated. (You can’t actually click Vote, but feel free to leave a comment below to let us know who you would Keep: Jessica the Bearded Baller or Melissa the Mustached Mama

Real Life Beard a thon


Go Blues!


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