Avoiding April Fools Pranks

Melissa DeCicco
3720 days ago.

april fools day We all know that April Fools day is approaching. Are you going on offense or defense? For those of you on offense, here is a list of fun pranks to get your wheels turning.

If you are more of a defense-type person, here are some tips for being punked-free on Monday!

1. Don’t over-react to anything that happens on April Fools Day. If it is a real emergency – different story. However, if your Oreo’s are filled with toothpaste and not the tasty cream, pretend you don’t notice. That is a practical joker’s worst nightmare.

2. Maybe do a double check in the mirror in the morning. Actually, do a full on turn about in front of the mirror to check for any unusual postings on your back.

3. Make and bring your own lunch and snacks to work/school. You don’t want any crazy food ending up on your plate!

4. Check all the volume levels in your car and on your computer/phone before turning them on or watching anything with volume.  Just in case.

5. Don’t let your belongings leave your sight.

6. Put a mirror near your computer screen so you can see behind you while working. This might be slightly overboard.


Ever wonder why there would be a day designed to torture the unassuming? So did I, so I searched for an answer.

I was also wondering…what are some of the best April Fools Day pranks in history? You can find a list of the Top 100 pranks here. Do you remember any of these? Here are a few of my more recent favorites:

Gmail Motion

Google Translate for Animals

Here are a few more:

Do you have a fun pranking story? Please share!


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