The Best Oatmeal Cookies in St. Louis

Mike Brewer
3488 days ago.

Over the holiday break I was gifted a bag of the best oatmeal cookies in St Louis. Scratch that, I think they might be the best oatmeal cookies on the planet Earth or quite honestly – the Universe. While I don’t really crave or eat sweets all that often, this simple circle of crunchy goodness could make me change my ways.

Dad’s Original Scotch Oatmeal Cookies Dad's, St. Louis, Oatmeal, Scotch Oatmeal, Cookies

Now I do realize this may be old news to Saint Louis denizens but it was 100% a fanciful toothsome slap across my taste buds. They were amazing. That is despite the fact that they were not fresh and right out of the oven (an experience that I no doubt want to have).

The first bite took me back to my childhood when my grandma would bake cookies for my sister and I. It was like the scene out of Ratatouille where the food critic was swept back to his childhood after biting into the dish prepared by the rat.

Not to further wear out a worn out statement but in this case – don’t take my word for it. Go get some. dad's cookie company

Check out Dad’s Old-Time Bakery Shop on the corner of Louisiana Ave and Keokuk St in South St. Louis to sample the delicious cookies and enjoy a little history. You can also check them out on Facebook.

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