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endorse app For all you crazy couponers and money savers out there, I’ve found a super cool new app for you to try out – it’s called Endorse, and it’s completely free for you to download on your Android or iPhone.

The premise is simple – upload your receipt, and earn between 10% and 100% back in cash.  Each week, you are updated with new offers; for example, 2 of my offers last week were 10% back on a purchase of Mountain Dew, and 25% back on the purchase of any brand of diapers.  Then, if you felt super-crazy, you could share the deal on your Facebook page to double your money back!  So, I shuffled through my wallet and came up with receipts for these items.  (I had already purchased both of these without even knowing about the app yet, so this was REALLY exciting for me!)  I took pictures of my receipts with my phone, uploaded them via the app, shared the “deal” on my Facebook page, and a couple of hours later, I had $6.48 in my Endorse account!

There are a couple of basic rules – Endorse will accept receipts from almost any US retailer, but will not accept receipts for financial transactions, parking violations (total bummer for me!), event tickets, travel and accommodation, or medical bills.  Keep in mind that you only have 6 days from the date of purchase printed on the receipt to submit your receipt for cash back.  And, of course – when you are uploading a receipt, make sure it’s in good condition so they can read it.

You can cash out one of two ways – via PayPal, or you can have a check mailed to you once you have $25.00 earned.  I already had a PayPal account, so I just linked it to my Endorse account, and viola – I’m $6.48 richer!

In addition to the cash back, they will also give you points for every single receipt you upload to fund local school projects in partnership with DonorsChoose.org – once you have 50 points, you can donate to a school of your choice.

The deals refresh every Thursday, so be on the lookout each week – I just got my new deals this morning, and they include up to 100% cash back on any brand of coffee, 20% back on Sierra Mist, 10% back on Yoplait yogurt, and more.  I’m heading to the store this weekend!


What do you think – will you try this out?  Do you have any other great money saving apps that you like to use?  I’d love to hear about them!

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