Coupons For Tattoos: In or Out?

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Today I started my day off like any other day. I grabbed my cup of coffee, checked my email with all the deals of the day from Groupon, Living Social, Deal Chicken, & St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Travelzoo. I know that’s a lot of coupon sites, but I love a good deal and it only takes me a few minutes to skim over the specials for the day.

One special on Groupon got me thinking about a topic I find very interesting: tattoos. The special was for Art Monster. They do tattoos and air brushing. I love tattoos and watch every reality TV show about them. RIP L.A. Ink. We miss you.

Kat Von D The funny thing is that I don’t even have one tattoo. In fact, neither does anyone in my family. I’ve thought several times about getting one but I can never decide on anything I want permanently on my body. I’ve also heard that once you have one you will want more. I have a very strong feeling that would be me. Not that there’s anything wrong with a lot of tattoos, but it would make dressing for my job harder than it already is. Not to mention, the surprise on family’s face if I came in looking like Kat Von D. While they look great on her and she has the perfect job to show them off, I am not brave enough to do it.

Adam Levine Anyway, getting to the point: One of the maintenance guys in my office has been talking about wanting another tattoo so I got excited to tell him about the Groupon today. He seemed concerned about a place that would give out coupons for tattoos. Our other maintenance guy chimed in and said he’s heard really good things about Art Monster. Then I looked at the Art Monster website and I was pretty impressed by the work I saw. I think if the research has been done on the artist and you know what you want, it shouldn’t be a problem. Turns out, you never know what kind of deal you can find on a daily coupon site, so I say don’t miss out on a great sale and check them out anyway.

What are your thoughts on getting a tattoo with a coupon?


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