Holiday Babies UNITE!

Mary Korte
2835 days ago.

We are an elite fighting force, like ninjas.  Every year, we fight, whine, beg, plead, cajole, provide subtle and not so subtle hints and other psychological manipulations at this time of year.  Just like everyone else, we want to make sure our birthday presents are what we want!  The problem?  One that is almost insurmountable.  We are holiday babies!

Holiday babies invariably get ripped off.  Any child born on a major holiday is destined to have to spend waaay too much time trying to get the attention on their birthday and away from the holiday.  If it is a holiday like Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Years, the real question from the gift givers is can I combine the presents?

The answer should always be NO!  A serious and resounding no!  Do whatever it takes to separate the birthday and the holiday.  Make sure a separate fuss is made.  There should still be birthday cakes, birthday presents wrapped in BIRTHDAY PAPER, and special events.  Even my 9 year old wrapped my Christmas present in holiday paper and my birthday present in pink camouflage paper!  What a smart boy!

Now, no child born on the December holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah ever really get a separate birthday party.  Everyone and all the friends are too busy celebrating the holiday with their family to take time to celebrate the birthday.  What do you do in this situation?  Should the poor child have to suffer and never have a party?  Heck no!

I am a fan of the half-birthday celebration.  Even as an adult, my BFF makes sure to call me on my half-birthday to wish me well and make a fuss.  When I was a kid, my parents let me have birthday sleep-overs in October.  I didn’t get presents then, but I did get to have the fun!

So to all of my holiday baby friends out there, I wish you tons of fun, lots of extra hugs, and a party on a night of your choosing at a date to be determined when YOU want it!  Happy Birthday!

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Special thanks to my awesome mom for finding my favorite kid birthday picture and for always making a fuss!


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