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Much along the lines of, How Stuff Works is one of the best sites on the internet.  Here are some things I have learned that probably have made me a better person:

You lose just as much body heat through the rest of your body as you do through your head.

–This was only #9 on a list of 10 Completely False ‘Facts’ Everyone Knows. After reading the rest of the list, I feel really dumb that I didn’t know these were false before.

I have been using commas wrong and look like an idiot for it.

–After reading the first two entries in this list; 10 Completely Wrong Ways To Use Commas, I feel like an idiot. I am so distraught I don’t even know if that comma was used correctly.

Leonardo da Vinci designed some amazing things

–Here we think people like Steve Jobs and Jack Dorsey are visionaries. Check out some of the things Leonardo sketched out. He had the plans even before some of the parts were invented.

Swearing at work is a good thing

–Here’s a study that makes it perfectly okay to not always be politically correct in the workplace.

The guy who invented the Koosh ball sold his company for $100 million.

–I really need to come up with something cool to make money.

Alfred Nobel created dynamite by accident

–His may be the coolest story, but there are 9 other inventions on this list that were really accidents.

Centralia, Pennsylvania sits on top of a huge underground fire that has been burning for over 30 years.

–Centralia isn’t the only abandoned city.

These are just a small sampling of the vast HowStuffWorks library. You can learn other things like how concrete is made, how concert tours work,  and even how to have an out-of-body experience.

Check out HowStuffWorks today. You will be smarter for it.


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