Political Ad Overload

Melissa DeCicco
4063 days ago.

I am fed up. I know this happens every election year, but I am sick and tired of political ads on television. DVR is the only saving grace. Is there no better way to run a campaign?

Without getting political, here are some of the many questions that run through my head.

  1. Do they think bullying the opponent on television is going to make me like them better? Frankly, I don’t want to return to 4th grade. How about telling me what you are doing and let me make my own decision. I am sick of seeing negative ads. Why would I vote for someone who is so mean-spirited. Let’s set an example here.
  2. It’s funny, every commercial mentions how they are going to save us money or help fix the budget problems. How about using that money currently allocated to commercials to do something positive in the community? It infuriates me to see that in one month (August 2012), Obama raised $114 million and Romney raised $111 million. How about giving that money back to the people or pay down the incredible debt we are currently facing. I don’t know about you, but if I heard that one of the candidates donated all that money back, my vote would be theirs and I would respect them so much more. Do you know the impact that money could have? Total win-win. My suggestion – a social media campaign with community service projects. That will help Americans.
  3. Stop talking about the middle class in your campaigns just to get my vote. Quit talking, start doing.
  4. I know this is a silly detail, but every time there is an attack on television the picture used is the most awful-looking picture I have ever seen of that candidate. Do you think if you portray your opponent as ugly I won’t vote for them?
  5. Seeing all the negative ads makes me want to not vote at all. It should be exciting to be able to vote. Seeing all this negativity isn’t a good way to encourage young people especially, to get out there and vote. It is like choosing the lesser of two evils.

Both parties are equally guilty. I really dislike politics and would rather refrain from talking about it but, when it starts interfering with relaxing and spending time with my family while watching a show in the evening, I get a little frustrated. My suggestion – try to ignore commercials, educate yourself on all the candidates and make your own decision. The Vote Smart website can help get you started.

Only 3 more weeks of unbearable political ads ahead. Stay strong. Please feel free to add your frustrations below – it feels good to let it out 🙂

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Melissa DeCicco

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