Lunching in the Loft District – Everest Cafe

Melissa Jensen
3996 days ago.

Oh how I love curry, so many varieties and so many ways to cook with it.

Determined to make it somewhere other than Qdoba for lunch, I finally made it to one that has been on my to-eat list for almost a year.  Everest Cafe is a buffet place and while I run screaming from Chinese buffets and scowl at Old Country Buffet and Golden Corral (really, need to make it feel more like you are a horse eating from a trough?), I do enjoy a buffet when it is ethnic food because I can try many dishes in small quantities.

Everest serves Nepalese, Korean and Indian food with the mission of serving healthy, delicious and nutritious meals.  They buy fresh, organic vegetables every day.  It was so good and had many vegan options with lots of variety.  I will take anything with bell peppers and cauliflower – two of my favorites.  My favorite was the vegetable pakoras, the best I have ever had, but I loved everything. Top-notch.

The place has an unassuming front and that’s what kept me away for a while, but when I came to the realization that the best Thai food is normally found in otherwise run-down strip malls, I realized I needed to go in and try it.  They have another location in The Grove neighborhood that has more hours and non-buffet dinner service if  that is more what you are going for.

Everest Cafe
711 Olive Street
Monday – Friday 11:00am – 2:30pm
Brought to you by: Mills Properties
Photos Courtesy of: Everest Cafe and Bar

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