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Melissa DeCicco
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Scarecrow costume

With a new baby in our house, many things have come up that are new to me.  This month it is finding a Halloween costume for our little guy.  I hesitate to order the usual and went searching for something fun.  It was much harder than I thought it would be to find something super cute, especially for a boy.  And, I am not super crafty and must rely on others to make the costume – hats off to those who can make their own!  Here are my top 10 favorite baby Halloween costumes I came across on my search.  Be prepared for some over-the-top cuteness – please control your urge to pinch their virtual cheeks 🙂

I believe we decided that our little guy will be this cute scarecrow this year.  But here are some other options:

Baby Halloween Costume Ideas 1. My husband graduated from University of Kansas so of course we considered going the Jayhawk route but decided that he would look cuter in that costume when he starts walking.  I am guessing there might be some Mizzou fans in Missouri so here is a cute Tiger costume – just add a Mizzou tee!  These would probably be best for children 12-24 months old.

2. It took all I had not to cover this post in tutu costumes but this precious Peacock  just had to sneak in. It is perfect for a baby girl – newborn through 24 months and she will make larger sizes too.  You will need to order it before October 22nd to get it before Halloween.

3. One of my best friends in high school loved Ladybug‘s so I couldn’t resist sharing this. It is adorable and, equally important, comfortable for your little one.  It comes in a variety of sizes and comes in red too!

4. I had trouble finding cute and unique costumes especially for little boys.  The Pebbles and Bam Bam outfits are super cute but you must order by October 5th.

5. Warning: another tutu costume. This little Ghost would be perfect for any age little girl and the shop owner is from Missouri as an extra bonus.

6. Last tutu, I promise!  This Bumble Bee is absolutely irresistible!  This comes in sizes from 3 months to 1 year and the shop owner is in Missouri as well.  She also makes a ladybug and a cute Cinderella inspired outfit! Love all of them!

7. This is for really little ones.  This little Turtle is perfect for newborns. Your family and friends won’t be able to resist this adorable photo opportunity!

8. This is not really unique but this little Cowboy outfit had cow print chaps and I melted!  If going for the cowboy look this is definitely the best costume. You better keep him away from all the little cowgirl babies 🙂

9. Not an original idea, but it is customizable!  Every little boy wants to be a Super Hero and will want to wear this ensemble year-round. You should probably get one for Dad too as he will likely be participating in all the ensuing super hero battles in your living room!

10. This snuggly Lion is for the crafty Moms and Dads (click on the link for step-by-step instructions). It looks really comfortable so your little one won’t be crabby as you carry them door-to-door.

Here are some traditional costumes– you can even find a Big Bird costume!

What an adventure!  I did not think finding a costume for an infant would be so stressful.  Good thing they look cute no matter what you put them in!  Have a boo-riffic time!

Please share your favorite baby Halloween costumes with us in the comments!  Don’t forget, parents need cool outfits too – check out the top 5 adult costumes!

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