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Mary Korte
3995 days ago.

After work tonight, I went to a lovely designer shoe warehouse to pick out a pair of shoes for an upcoming wedding. Walking around the aisles, looking for the perfect pair of shoes, I started to think about what kind of people would wear each type of shoe. Why would anyone ever buy some of the crazy shoes I found?

Easy. Because shoes say a lot about what kind of person you are! Men, sorry, but you have so few options I wanted to cry for you. Black, brown, athletic or a few pair of sandals were the only real options. Geez, no wonder you don’t understand women and their love of shoes!

Shoes are intoxicating for women because of the plethora of choices and the ability for them to transform us from athlete to business woman to granola chick to hottie, in minutes! Colors, height, heals, bling, no bling, patent, suede, leather. So many choices, so little closet space!

What kind of shoe are you?

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My normal shoe is in here (21)  as well as my alter ego’s shoe (15)!  All of these great shoes can be found on

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