Calling all downtown residents…Get engaged in your community!

Melissa Jensen
2968 days ago.

I love working in the city of St. Louis. I hadn’t been downtown in years except to visit the City Museum and go to Cardinal games.  Washington Avenue is an amazing place and was recently named one of the 10 best streets.  New restaurants and retail are opening all the time and the building renovations are unique and beautiful…exciting things are coming to the MX District.

For an up and coming urban neighborhood like downtown, it is vitally important that the residents get involved, be knowledgeable and get engaged. Heck, not just residents but people who work downtown and love to go out downtown and invest in the re-development.  There are so many ways to get involved:

1. The Downtown Residents Association: They will be holding their annual town hall meeting tomorrow, June 26th at 6:30pm at Christ Church Cathedral at 1210 Locust Street.  There will be several alderwomen speaking about crime, noise, trash, traffic, new wards and  Q & A.  They are asking everyone to complete a survey at

2. Friends of Lucas Park: Lucas Park is the neighborhood Park downtown, located right behind the new central library.  Currently they are working toward the goal of raising $40,000 to renovate the park…which would be awesome!!  Lots of downtown businesses such as Bailey’s Range have hosted or will be hosting benefit nights, so check them out and give time or money to this great cause.

3. Partnership for Downtown St. Louis: Possibly the most visible and active. They do way too many things to name here so you will have to check out their website (which happens to be a great place to find out about events downtown).  One of my favorite things is the CID or Community Improvement District.  They have the Guides you see in yellow, handle the pet waste campaign, hang banners for big events and so much more.

4. Residents of Downtown Portal: Facebook community that keeps you informed of new businesses opening up and events downtown.

Lots of options. Bottom line is you want to see downtown St. Louis thrive, GET INVOLVED!!

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Melissa Jensen

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