Oprah's Lifeclass The Tour coming to the STL!

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Oprah’s Lifeclass the tour will be coming to the STL! I am so excited as I am a big fan of Ms. Winfrey and the Lifeclass program. I was a very studious attendee of the first season of Lifeclass. For those of you who are not aware of Lifeclass, Ms. Winfrey created her new network with the idea of positive programming. In other words, real tv vs. reality tv. The goal of the OWN network is to create positive, uplifting, empowering, and energizing television. Self realization and awareness can change everyone for the better. This is a network that gives back to its viewers with the idea that what is learned will be shared and make your life more meaningful. So as you can imagine, I was elated to find that I won tickets to her taping of Lifeclass here in St. Louis on March 26th. The guest speaker will be Bishop TD Jakes. The show will tape at 12pm in the afternoon at the Peabody Opera House. I cant wait to blog my experience!

Until then, here is my first recap of Lifeclass season 1…… Lesson #1….The False Power of Ego.


Ego is defined as any identification with form or identifying with anything other than self. You would be surprised to know that your ego plays a major role in your everyday actions. Any time you are in a place or space of time where you feel the emotion of “How dare they?” or “I’m being disrespected!”. It’s usually your ego. It’s in those moments that you must step out of your ego, observe what is going on around you and just let it go. Dont ever let your ego make a decision for you. Usually these decisions will cost you in the long run. The good thing to know is that you are in full control of your ego. The ego cannot stand if you are able to recognize it and recognize the false self.

My favorite quote in this class was “It’s not possible for other people to hurt you. They are just giving you their observation, but you give it meaning.”- Oprah Winfrey.  Wow…just take a moment to digest that quote. That quote alone changed how I perceived many situations in my life. The power of the false ego keeps you lusting after approval and appreciation. Whitney Houston said it best, “the greatest love of all is to love yourself.” Eckart Tolle, author of the phenomenal book  A New Earth said “The only way to love yourself is to be able to separate yourself from your ego.” What a great life lesson! Stay tuned for Lesson #2 where I discuss Letting go of Anger.

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