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Mills Apartments Neighborhood Wine Post I am a sucker for a good story chock full of good adjectives wrapped around droves of whimsical tales of fiction. And, I find that writers that produce copy for wine bottles and websites alike are great at telling incredible stories to sell more wine. Check out a line from the story of Origin from Apothic Red:

More than 800 years ago, vintners blended and stored their most coveted concoctions in a mysterious place called Apotheca.

Best I can tell after a quick Google search; Apotheca is a bar in South Boston or some kind of holistic healing house in Downtown San Francisco. Given, it’s 2012 and they refer to the place being mysterious and existing some 800 years ago it probably is just a good story.

Nonetheless – I fully admit I bought this wine for two reasons:

One being that the label on the bottle was wickedly mysterious. Like a potion that would export one to a world beyond even the coolest of imaginations. To a place where red velvet rivers meandered through hills of mythic proportion. Where Nephilims consumed the bounties of the earth in tremendous volume – yet the earth always yielded more. Where colors were in concert with your mood and your mood was in concert with the colors. Where the dullest of days sat on par with the exhilaration of Pamplona run twice on a day of the week that existed in one long stretch of forever.

And, it was on sale.

I am no wine aficionado but I know what I like when I taste it. And, I believe in the effects that wine have as it relates to health. This wine is a winner. At least in the $10-$12 range.

You can pick it up at any Friar Tuck and or Dierbergs around St. Louis. And, don’t be surprised if your mind wonders off to a mysterious land of compelling good cheer after consuming many glasses.

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