Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour

2936 days ago.
Taken before the show by me

AMAZING!! 2 hours of heaven! 10 Thumbs Up!

I wrote that first line before I saw it, just assuming I’d love it…and I did! As my friends and I were re-living all the different performances, one word that stuck in my mind was overstimulated.

Have you seen the movie Knocked Up? During one of the performances I remembered the scene where they went to the Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas on mushrooms and was thinking: Wow, I could totally see why Seth Rogen was freaking out. There is a lot going on, but I mean that in the best possible way.

There was so much going on from costumes to lights to pyrotechnics to Michael on like 15 TV screens to the songs, I seriously could not focus on one thing for longer than 5 seconds, and I loved it! I saw a couple Yelp reviews that said it was boring. Impossible! Granted, MJ does have some mellow, serene…even somewhat sad songs. There won’t be break dancing and fireworks during those songs, but there was plenty going on even during those songs to keep you entranced!

And there’s literally something for everyone. The whole show had imagination and creativity which children love. Even more though, one of the very first performances was Childhood. They had the Neverland gate and a floating air balloon and a book that flew around like it had wings. I can’t imagine a child that wouldn’t have been right there in Neverland with them. For the men, there was an amazingly talented…and scantily clad, female acrobatic doing crazy contortionist moves on a pole during Dangerous, and for the women, well the show is largely made of men who perform Michael Jackson moves or do acrobatics to Michael Jackson songs so that should really be enough for anyone.

My favorite performance was during Human Nature. First off, it’s probably my second favorite MJ song, but on top of  that, they had a performance that words can’t really capture, other than to say it was amazing…again! People in outfits that lit up in all different colors and you couldn’t even tell it was a person, it was just these flickering lights doing all these crazy things. I just loved it! And after the discussions with friends afterwards, I think it’s an overall fan favorite.

The dancing/acrobatics were truly remarkable. It was like being an audience member on that show America’s Best Dance Crew…only with way better costumes and with non-stop Michael Jackson music. The costumes were amazing; from monkeys to crazy looking bat costumes with scary red glowing eyes to elephants, and that’s not even the best stuff. You’re truly wowed with every new costume.

My only disappointment was Thriller. I happened to see a show in Mexico over New Year’s and the costumes were more diverse and there was more in-sync style dancing but it was still excellent!

One thing I recommend and saw some similar Yelp reviews, is to get the best seating you can. I wasn’t on the floor and thought my seats were still great, but I can understand going to a larger venue and having seats further up could be an issue in terms of being able to capture all the little details that truly make the show spectacular.

Overall, a truly great experience and I would recommend seeing it at some point before it ends. Sadly, it ends tonight in St. Louis but runs through August in the U.S. so you can make a trip to Kansas City or Springfield or really anywhere, but it’s definitely a must see!

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