Things That Will Make You Look Stupid In 2012. . . Part 2

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Part 2 of this post was never going to happen, but then I started thinking about all the things people do with social media that make me mad. Remember I’m not necessarily calling you stupid if you do these things, they are just pet peeves of mine and I needed an attention-grabbing headline. It may make more sense if you read Part 1 first.

Calling Yourself a Social Media Expert

What was that nickname you gave yourself again? Social Media doesn’t take a genius.  Ask yourself how you would view someone who read your post out loud. Would you call them a douche?  Then you will look like one for posting it.

Checking In To “My Bed” On FourSquare

Every room in your house does not need to be a Foursquare location. On the flip side, thank you for linking your Twitter and Foursquare accounts so that I know not to follow you and never to hang out with you.

Writing A Lengthy Facebook Status Update

It’s not a blog post, it’s a status update.

Asking for a Retweet

If your life is that pathetic that you need to ask for someone to acknowledge you on a social media site, you should probably be asking for a self-help book instead of a retweet. Most of the people who do this are either 12 years old or have the mental state of a 12 year old. Another animal are those who have an event or other message to get out and ask for a celebrity to retweet that.  If said celebrity thinks it’s a valid cause/message, then they will pass it on.  You having to ask shows me it probably isn’t worth it.

Acknowledging a Request For a Retweet

By acknowledging the request, you are just encouraging the act. I understand some athletes/celebrities feel they have to do this to keep their fans happy.  It’s no excuse. Telling your fans to man up will help them later in life. Why do you think so many awful people audition for singing shows?  Because no one told them they hurt their ears when they sing. When American Idol came to St. Louis I remember seeing a father walking his daughter back to the car after she had been sent packing.  I bet he was elated because someone told his daughter she couldn’t cut it and that meant he didn’t have to. A bit of a stretch, but hopefully you get the picture.

Using Poor English

I shouldn’t have to sound out the random letters you typed to figure out what you are saying.  Our education system may not be the best in the world, but I’m pretty sure it taught you how to spell correctly. It’s extremely upsetting when you see an athlete that got a free education somewhere, but either doesn’t know how to spell or doesn’t care enough about how people see him.

Linking Your Facebook and Twitter Accounts

If you are obviously linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts expect people to completely disregard you on one or both of those mediums.  If you are okay with that, then go ahead and do it.  Remember that Facebook exists pretty much to highlight the stupidity that is rampant  among the general public. Not only will you see their stupid comments, but anyone who follows you will too.  If you are a company or organization that does this, I immediately think one of the following: 1) You don’t care about your social media presence. 2) Whoever you are paying should probably file for unemployment and do your followers a favor or 3) Your organization got scammed by some “social media expert”.

Not Engaging in Conversation

Twitter and Facebook are excellent conversation tools.  I like to use them for that.  Some people like to just make blanket statements and then shy away from conversation when people try to engage them.  Two recent articles by Gene Marks in Forbes were excellent conversation starters, “Why Most Women Will Never Be CEO” and “If I Were A Poor Black Kid“. I saw lots of comments regarding both.  Unfortunately, the people commenting didn’t want to go much farther than the headline and bashed Mr. Marks for being racist and sexist. A great opportunity to engage was wasted.

Trashing A Business Unfairly

I touched on this a little bit in Part 1 in regards to Yelp so I won’t even go there. I will however use the recent food truck fiasco in Downtown St. Louis. An article was posted in the Riverfront Times. Comments were made on the article about what businesses were responsible for “getting food trucks kicked out of Downtown.” One business owner defended his business. An update was made to the article. People still lynched his shop on social media outlets.  Several people acted like he had killed their kitten when he defended himself on Twitter and someone went and posted a tip on Foursquare calling for a boycott of his business based on these false assumptions.

Trashing An Ex

If you are stupid enough to go there, then you are at least 50% responsible for the breakup if not more.  I pray that you find someone else who is just as nuts and you become “Facebook-Official” so I can unfriend and unfollow you both.

Complaining About Your Love Life

This goes back to Part 1 too. All the good ones are not taken and that is a stupid statement.

I’m sure I have more and I will post them in the comment section when I think of them. What do you think?  What are some things that drive you crazy?  I know I’m not perfect so call me an idiot if you wish, let’s just be respectful.


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