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Doppelganger: (noun) An apparition or double of a living person (in our case, a celebrity look alike)

I had two encounters last week of people telling me I look like someone they know, asking if I’m from such and such and such or how we might know each other. In fact, this happens a lot…and I haven’t been that many places…nor does it ever turn out that I know these people. During one of these encounters I mentioned how this happens to me pretty regularly and my friend said I have a “classic” appearance. Umm…what does that mean? To me it means plain Jane, or Jane Doe, like if I was the missing girl on the milk carton, it would be bad news for me because I could be anyone.

In addition to looking like someone’s cousin, co-worker or just some girl they remember having seen at some point in their life, I have also been linked to celebrities such as:  Liv Tyler, Christina Ricci, and most recently Casey Anthony. Not only do I think these three women look completely different, I also think they each have very distinctive features so it’s odd to me that I can somehow look like all three.

Do you see a resemblance?


Do you know someone who looks like me?


 Who is your doppelganger?


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