Are you scared of sharks?

4639 days ago.


This blog is inspired by my vacation in Destin that I just got back from.

I am not that scared of sharks.

 I was swimming in the beach at sunset. Waves were crashing in my face. I felt alive.

It seems like whenever I go to the beach, someone has to call me in a little closer to shore. I don’t have much fear in the ocean.

I am a little scared of: moths (yes the colorless butterflies), spiders, snakes, and alligators, but sharks don’t scare me all that much. I am sure I would be scared if one was chasing me.

 Just like the idea of jelly fish did not scare me, but when I got one on me this past week, I jumped on top of my sister on her float.

My mom will jump out of the water if you even hum the jaws theme song, while other people will watch a tv special on sharks and swim in the ocean that same night.

If I had to pick one ocean character that I would be terrified of if we met, it would be an octopus hands down. Those things are just freaky.

What about you? Are you scared of sharks or any other ocean creatures?

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