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Melissa Jensen
4285 days ago.

You may have already heard that this weekend is St. Louis’ big Art Fair in Clayton.  It will be an amazing sight to see, a nationally recognized art fair it attracts 150,000 people and has sales of art nearly $2,000,000 (that’s 2 million in short hand).  I’m sure there will be some art worth seeing and maybe even some I would want to hang on my walls but…………………

In our living room

This is not where I will be this weekend.  However, I do plan to check out and purchase some amazing art.  Schlafly Bottleworks will be hosting Art Outside, it’s alternative art fair.  This art fair is more my speed, it features local artists and art at prices you can afford.  My view of art is it has to have meaning to me.  It doesn’t matter who painted it or how much it costs, I have to love looking at it everyday.  If you didn’t pay a lot for it and are supporting someone who is just starting out all the better.

You can see samples of the artist’s work who will have booths here, I’m personally looking forward to seeing what Kirkwood native Julie Hartman has on display.


Schlafly Bottleworks
7260 Southwest Ave.
Maplewood, MO 63143
Friday, Sept. 9th: 5pm – 10pm
Saturday, Sept. 10th: 10am – 10pm
Sunday, Sept. 11th: 12pm – 4pm
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