Happiness vs Joy

3377 days ago.


How to be: Joyful

Are you happy?

Do you have joy?

What is the difference?

In my opinion: Happiness is that temporary feeling that you get when something good happens in your life. It brings a smile to your face and creates this cozy feeling inside. Then something bad happens…and bam! That happiness somehow disappears. You want to have this same feeling again. You desperately look for the next thing or event that will bring back the amazing feeling of happiness. You can live your whole life like this.


There is Joy available

Joy is something deep that may not even produce a smile.(but definitely can) It is not based on what is currently going on in your life but on what you believe to be true. Joy is an anchor that doesn’t toss you around to where you have to look for the next thing to make you temporarily feel ok. You can have joy even when something bad is going on or in the mundane of every day life

How do you have joy


Look up. 

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