Look Ma, No Handcuffs.

4476 days ago.

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Clearly, 2011 is not going to be Christina Aguilera’s year.

Fresh from nearly falling down a flight of stairs at the Grammys and slaughtering the national anthem at the Super Bowl, singer Christina Aguilera was arrested last Tuesday near the Sunset Strip on suspicion of being drunk in public but will not be prosecuted, authorities say.

Because the pop star wasn’t driving the vehicle, the Sheriff’s Department has no plans to prosecute, but those close to the situation say something has to be done about Aguilera’s drinking habit.

Friends and business associates have spent the last several months urging the star to seek treatment, but Aguilera has heard absolutely none of it, turning down all suggestions she enter rehab.

“Maybe when she was married she was able to keep it under wraps, but it’s out in the open now,” an insider told TMZ.  

On a brighter note, singer/actress P!nk had plenty to say about the incident.

The rocker, 31, took to Twitter on Tuesday to joke about past predictions that she was the rising female singer to worry about.

“Out of Myself, Britney, and Christina – didn’t everyone think I was gonna be the troublemaker?” the “Raise Your Glass” songstress tweeted.  “LOOK MA!!! No HANDCUFFS!!!”

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