Tart and Tasty

4344 days ago.

I love LEMONS!  Lemon creme pie, lemon in my water, lemon on my fish, lemon cookies–you put lemon in it, I’m eating it! 

Lemons originally were a cross between the lime and citron and possibly originated somewhere in China or India and was transported to America in 1493 by Christopher Columbus.  Those little yellow round citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C and add an amazing flavor to most recipes.  In my opinion, lemons can be a refreshing snack during the spring and summer, which is why I’m sharing this cookie recipe with you.

Lemon Thumbprint Cookies are little cookies with a big taste.  It will only take you approximately 30 minutes from start to finish to bake a batch and enjoy!  Be informed; this recipe makes 45 cookies and, if your not careful–you’ll consume the whole batch!  My thought on that problem…..OH WELL.  Enjoy! 

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