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Cheap Cheap Fun Fun!

I stole that title from the Dirt Cheap commericals….Anwway, I have exciting news! So remember my post last week about decorating/re-decorating your place? Yeah, I figured not….so here’s a refresher: If Only It Were This Easy.
So I mentioned MERS Goodwill as a great place to find good quality furniture…well wouldn’t you know, they’re opening an outlet center at 3728 Market Street. The Grand Opening starts this Thursday (as in tomorrow) at 9am and runs until Saturday. They will be rotating their stock every 3 1/2 hours so you can go back several times throughout the weekend and find new things! The ad actually says over 2,000 new items available every 20 minutes.

What a perfect time for them to open it. Right after I give you the idea to get out there and start decorating your dull, barren home (ok, I didn’t say all that, but sometimes it’s necessary to exaggerate when trying to make a point) with new, inexpensive pieces, and tell you there are, in fact, places to find affordable pieces, they go and open an outlet center and have insanely reduced prices all weekend! Way to go Goodwill!


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