Check Out These Five Hit Country Songs All Written By Songwriter Nicolle Galyon

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Nicolle Galyon Has Penned Hits Such As “Automatic” From Miranda Lambert, “Female” From Keith Urban & “Tequila” By Dan + Shay

It’s The  April 24, 2018 Edition Of The Tuesday Top Five

To say Nashville songwriter Nicolle Galyon has had a bit of success would an understatement. The 33-year old from Sterling, Kansas possesses a resume that includes hits such as Miranda Lambert’s “Automatic”,  Keith Urban’s “Female”, “Tequila” from Dan+Shay and many more.

We recently debuted a new weekly post on RealLifeSTL, The Tuesday Top Five. Much like the Billboard Top 5: Covered featured cover videos of the top five songs on the Billboard Hot 100, the Tuesday Top Five will feature five videos plus a bonus video each week. They could be the top five songs on a chart or five covers of the same song or five covers all performed at the same venue or something entirely different.

Check back each week because you may just find something you’ll fall in love with.

The Tuesday Top Five for April 24, 2018 ft. Nicolle Galyon

This week's edition of The Tuesday Top 5 features songwriter Nicolle Galyon. Among her resume are hits like Miranda Lambert's "Automatic", Keith Urban's "Female" and "Tequila" from Dan+Shay.

#1 “We Were Us” Keith Urban

Songwriters Nicolle Galyon, Keith Urban, Jon Nite and Jimmy Rollins perform their #1 song at the party recognizing their accomplishment.

#2 “Automatic” Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert sings “Automatic” at the 2014 Academy of Country Music Awards. “Automatic” was written by Galyon, Lambert and Natalie Hemby.

#3 “God Made Girls” RaeLynn

Fans of The Voice  may recognize Nicolle Galyon. She was briefly a member of Team Adam during the  second season of the show.  While the show was seemingly then just a brief detour on Galyon’s journey,  it was there that she met RaeLynn  and Miranda Lambert.

Galyon co-wrote eight of the songs on RaeLynn’s debut album, Wildhorse, and also co-produced the album.

RaeLynn performs “God Made Girls”. The song was written by Galyon, RaeLynn, Lori McKenna and Liz Rose


#4 “All The Pretty Girls” Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney made “All The Pretty Girls” a hit last year. The song was written by Galyon, Tommy Lee James and Josh Osborne. Here’s Nicolle herself singing the song in London last month at the CMA Songwriters Series.


#5 “Halloween” Walker Hayes

Galyon and Walker Hayes wrote “Halloween” together and they perform the song in this video


Bonus Videos

“Super Bass” Nicki Minaji

Nicolle Galyon didn’t write this song for Nicki Minaji, but she does cover it here on a piano.

Nicolle Galyon covers “Super Bass” by Nicki Minaj


Galyon has been married to fellow songwriter Rodney Clawson since 2007 and the couple has two children, Charlie and Ford. Earlier this month she extended her publishing deal with Warner/Chappell.

You can get to know Nicolle more by going to the recently launched  I also highly recommend listening to her on the podcasts And The Writer Is…. with Ross Golan and Bobbycast with Bobby Bones.

Nicolle Galyon is also a really great follow on Instagram.


We left out two of Nicolle’s recent hits, “Female” and “Tequila,” as covers of those songs were featured in last week’s edition of The Tuesday Top Five.

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