Check Out These Five Great Song Suffragettes Covers From Nashville

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Check Out These Covers From The Song Suffragettes At The Listening Room Cafe In Nashville.

It’s The  April 17, 2018 Edition Of The Tuesday Top Five

Every Monday night at The Listening Room Cafe in Nashville, a very talented group of females take the stage. Some of the performers may change from week to week, but the Song Suffragettes show is a must-see every week.

We recently debuted a new weekly post on RealLifeSTL, The Tuesday Top Five. Much like the Billboard Top 5: Covered featured cover videos of the top five songs on the Billboard Hot 100, the Tuesday Top Five will feature five videos plus a bonus video each week. They could be the top five songs on a chart or five covers of the same song or five covers all performed at the same venue or something entirely different.

Check back each week because you may just find something you’ll fall in love with.

The Tuesday Top Five for April 17, 2018 ft. The Song Suffragettes

This week we’re featuring five covers from the Song Suffragettes shows. Each show the ladies participating that night take turns playing a few of their original songs.  We’ve written about one of those songs before, “Jennifer Aniston” by Emily Reid.  We still don’t know how that one isn’t all over country radio yet.

At the end of the show each week, the ladies all come together and perform a cover of a popular song.

The ladies featured in these videos are all immensely talented in their own right. There’s a reason this show is a “bucket list” item for a lot of country music fans.

The female singers featured in these videos include Kalie Shorr, Lacy Cavalier, Savannah Keyes, Lacy Green, Tasji Bachman, Madison Kozak, Lena Stone, Tenille Arts, Tiera, Kim Paige, Katy Dubois, Alexis Gomez, Emma Lynn White, Regan Stewart, Chloe Gilligan, Kate Bowen, Michelle Pereira, Jenna Paulette, Candi Carpenter, Caroline Watkins, Mignon, Emily Reid, Trannie Stevens, Katelyn Clampett, Abby Anderson, Karla Davis and Kaylin Roberson just to name a few.

P.S. Of course we couldn’t pick just five covers. You’ll know exactly why when you see #6.

This week's edition of The Tuesday Top Five features covers from the Song Suffragettes weekly showcase at The Listening Room Cafe in Nashville.
This week’s edition of The Tuesday Top Five features covers from the Song Suffragettes weekly showcase at The Listening Room Cafe in Nashville.

#1 “Female” Keith Urban

You may have seen this cover on The Today Show or featured in Rolling Stone.


#2 “Tequila” Dan + Shay


#3 “Respect” Aretha Franklin


#4 “Fallin” Alicia Keys

#5 “Million Reasons”


#6 “Forever And Ever, Amen” Randy Travis


Bonus Video

“Time’s Up” Song Suffragettes

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