Good Girls Revolt Canceled By Amazon

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Amazon Cancelled Good Girls Revolt After One Season. The Show Will Try To Find A Home Somewhere Else

Good Girls Revolt has been cancelled by Amazon after one season. The period drama about women working at a news magazine in the late 1960s stars Genevieve Angelson, Anna Camp, Erin Drake and Jim Belushi. It is produced by TriStar Television, a division of Sony TV. Sony is actively looking to find a new home for the show.

Good Girls Revolt cancelled by Amazon
Good Girls Revolt has been cancelled by Amazon after one season.

Good Girls Revolt is based on a 2012 book by Lynn Povich about the lawsuit filed by 46 women against Newsweek in 1970. Like most adaptations, the show takes a few liberties with facts. Season one premiered on Amazon back on October 28th.

Anna Camp, who starred in the Pitch Perfect movies, told Business Insider she was surprised to be called “doll,” “honey” and “sweetie” on the set, considering the show’s subject matter.

“It blew my mind. Sexual harassment is prevalent in our industry. I was telling people earlier that we get all dolled up for the show, right? Especially my character, to the nines with the hair, and I go over to crafty [craft services] and I’m eating food and I’ve never been called ‘doll,’ ‘honey,’ and ‘sweetie’ more than when I’m on this show.”

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Reviews of the show had been good and the viewership numbers were said to have been encouraging. 67% of the viewers were reported to be female, a great issue to have if you’re a streaming service. The Guardian suggest that you should watch the show if you wanted something to make your blood boil.

Good Girls may have been a casualty of Amazon taking a new direction with its original content. Jeff Bezos and company have been moving towards making big bets on star power. $70 million will go to produce a new show from Matt Weiner, creator of Mad Men. David O. Russell has been tapped to create 16 episodes of a series starring Robert de Niro and Julianne More.

A report from The Hollywood Reporter cites sources in saying Roy Price, head of Amazon Studios, wasn’t a fan of Good Girls Revolt despite its stellar ratings. It also claims that metrics kept by a monitoring service showed Good Girls was watched by more viewers than any other Amazon original show.

Please note that Roy Price is a man. The report suggests he canceled a popular show about women being oppressed because he didn’t like it.

Price recently picked up the New Visions Award from the Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors.  A Google search shockingly did not return any stories of Price being awarded for bringing Woody Allen to Amazon with Crisis In Six Scenes. That show, which Price paid a lot of money for, was called a “noisy, unpleasant farce” and deemed “nearly unwatchable” by one critic.

But sure, cancel a popular show about empowered women. What do Amazon Prime members know anyways?

In keeping with the philosophy of the show, those behind it will be looking for a new home for season two of the show.


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