Suicide Squad And Nine Lives In Theaters This Weekend

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Suicide Squad Can’t Match Hype

Suicide Squad and Nine Lives are the top movies to open in movie theaters around St. Louis this weekend. Central Intelligence and The Free State of Jones begin showing  at Keller 8, while Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood are at Redbox in The Trust.

Suicide Squad opens tonight at MX Movies in downtown St. Louis and will be showing throughout the weekend in regular 2D as well as 3D. Jason Bourne and Nerve are also showing at the downtown theater.

Suicide Squad and Nine Lives are in movies theaters across St. Louis this weekend.
Suicide Squad and Nine Lives are in movies theaters across St. Louis this weekend.

Recapping Last Weekend

Matt Damon returned to theaters as Jason Bourne last week and propelled Jason Bourne to take the box office crown with $59.2 million in its debut. Bourne easily outpaced the $24.75 million second weekend of Star Trek Beyond. Bad Moms, possibly buoyed by strong word-of-mouth reviews, earned $23.8 million in its debut. Nerve earned $9.4 million in its debut.

The Secret Life of Pets earned $19 million in its fourth weekend of release and will pass the $300 million mark sometime this week. It has made $103.5 million overseas.

Ghostbusters earned slightly more than $10 million in its third weekend of release and has now made $106.5 million at the domestic box office. It has made another $51 million overseas.


Opening This Weekend

Suicide Squad

The reviews for Suicide Squad were destined to fall short of the film’s hype. That being said, early reviews are pretty bad. The review from Wired reads “Suicide Squad Kinds Sucks But Hey, So Does 2016.” Vox declared it to be worse than Batman v Superman, even though they didn’t think that was possible. 

Fans of Suicide Squad the comic have signed a petition calling for Rotten Tomatoes to be shut down. Though the petition itself is kind of a joke and kind of has a point, some of those fans are taking it a bit seriously.

Are you a Suicide Squad fan and want to see the likes of Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Viola Davis and the awesome Ike Barinholtz playing the characters on the big screen? Don’t read any of the reviews and just go see it.

Todd M. Thatcher predicts an opening weekend of $144.3 million for Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad Trailer

Nine Lives

Kevin Spacey as a cat. That’s really all you need to know, but if you want to know more. . .

Kevin Spacey is a crappy father that works too much and neglects his wife (Jennifer Garner) and kids. Christopher Walken uses his awesome super powers to turn Spacey into the new family cat.

I saw this trailer when I went to see The Secret Life of Pets and thought it looked hilarious. Just watch out for theaters full of crazy cat ladies.

Todd M. Thatcher predicts an opening weekend of $9.8 million for Nine Lives.

Nine Lives trailer

Catch It Before It’s Gone

Central Intelligence

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart head to Keller 8 Cinema this weekend with their newest film, Central Intelligence. 

Central Intelligence made $35.5 million in its debut back in June. Thus far, it has made $125.5 million domestically and $77.5 million overseas.

Central Intelligence trailer

 Make It A Redbox Night

The Trust

Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood did a movie together, in case you hadn’t heard. Cage and Wood star as two corner-cutting cops that set out to procure some drug money for themselves. Or at least I think that is what this movie is about. It’s currently getting killed in the Redbox reviews.

Mother’s Day, The Lobster, Meet The Blacks and The Bronze are also now available at your local Redbox.

The Trust trailer


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