Marco On Vaccines & Autism

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12-Year Old Takes On Link Between Vaccines & Autism

12-year old Marco Arturo presents his research on vaccines causing autism.
12-year old Marco Arturo presents his research on vaccines causing autism.

12-year old Marco Arturo was all over the internet yesterday after Buzzfeed pulled one of his science videos off of his Facebook page.  In this video, Marco sets up the audience by showing them a folder that he says holds all of the research he has compiled about how vaccines cause autism. Marco goes on to reveal that the folder contains blank pieces of paper.

Marco Arturo on Vaccines & Autism


Adele Calls Out Fan Filming Concert

We’ve all likely been to a concert and seen the annoying person holding their phone up and filming the whole thing when they could be enjoying the show. During a recent Adele concert in Verona, Italy, one fan took things even further. The woman set up a tripod in the audience to film the show. Adele promptly stopped her show to call out the woman out and remind her that “this isn’t a DVD.” The singer told the woman that what she was seeing was real and that there were plenty of people who couldn’t get into the concert.  Twitter user @Madreeeh caught the whole thing on video.

Transformers‘ Michael Bay Teases Megatron Return

Transformers director Michael Bay shared a video on the franchise’s Facebook page yesterday marking the beginning of production on the final film in the Transformers franchise. The teaser video just shows and image of Megatron snarling as the screen fades into the logo for the new film. Transformers: The Last Night begins production this month and is set to hit theaters on June 23, 2017.


Giant Alligator Roams Golf Course

This giant alligator was recently seen roaming a golf course in Florida. Video of the humongous gator caught fire on the internet because seriously, that gator is huge. Workers at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course say this alligator is much like a mascot for the course, drawing onlookers and golfers hoping to see the creature. It’s estimated the huge creature is 15-16 feet long.

Giant alligator roams golf course


Jerrod Niemann & Lee Brice “A Little More Love” Music Video

Jerrod Niemann and Lee Brice recently released the music video for their new single, “A Little More Love”. Watch it below.

Jerrod Niemann & Lee Brice: “A Little More Love” music video


Baby Elephant Saved From Drain

Baby elephants are pretty darn cute. Here’s some video of townspeople in Hambantota (that’s in Sri Lanka apparently) saving a baby elephant that had fell down a drain of some sort.

Baby elephant saved from drain


Samsung Talks About The Virtual Reality Roller Coaster At Six Flags

Tom Harding is the Director of Immersive Products and Virtual Reality at Samsung. In this video, Harding talks about transforming The Ninja roller coaster at Six Flags over Mid-America into a virtual reality roller coaster. Want to see what you’d see through the headset while riding? Here you go.

About the Virtual reality roller coaster at Six Flags over Mid-America


Adley Stump “Don’t Wanna Love Him”

Adley Stump, a former contestant on The Voice, recently released her music video for “Don’t Wanna Love Him”. The video is a product of Stump won the 2016 GRAMMY Amplifier contest

Adley Stump “Don’t Wanna Love Him”


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